How to Use the Make an Offer Tool  

Make an Offer is an optional pricing tool you can use to allow buyers to make price offers on some or all of your listings. You can set a maximum discount amount you’ll consider from buyers, so they can’t make offers that are below the amount you choose. 

Make an Offer can be used as part of your business strategy, like thank you offers and promo codes, and can give you more flexibility on how you price your items. 

At the moment, Make an Offer is only available for sellers and buyers who have their currency set to USD, and is not available on the Etsy Seller app. If you have feedback on Make an Offer, our survey is the most effective way for you to share it with us as we continue to test and improve this new feature. 

How do I set up the Make an Offer tool? 

To allow buyers to make offers on your listings: 

  1. In Shop Manager, go to Marketing
  2. Select Sales and Discounts
  3. Under Help move your inventory with Make an Offer select Set up
  4. Choose if you want buyers to be able to make offers on all of your listings, or if you’d rather select specific listings. If you opt for specific listings, choose Edit to change the listings you accept offers on after your initial selection. 
  5. Select the maximum discount you’re willing to consider from buyer offers, or choose Receive all offers.
  6. Select Save and apply.  

Your maximum discount and/or whether you choose to use the Make an Offer tool in your listings, as well as which listings you choose to include, can be changed at any time.

How does Make an Offer work with my other sales and discounts? 

With the exception of free shipping offers, other sales and discounts can not be combined with buyer offers. If you’re already running a sale on the item the buyer is making an offer on, then whichever is the highest discount will be applied when the buyer checks out. 

How do I turn off Make an Offer? 

If you decide you no longer want to accept offers on your listings, you can remove the option from your listings. You can change this setting at any time. 

To turn off Make an offer on your listings:

  1. In Shop Manager, go to Marketing
  2. Select Sales and Discounts
  3. Under You’re accepting offers from buyers, you’ll see the number of listings you have Make an Offer active on, and maximum discount you’ll accept from offers.
  4. Select Edit settings
  5. Remove individual listings by selecting Edit, or remove them all by selecting Remove the “Make an offer” option from my listings
  6. Select Save.  

What happens when a buyer makes me an offer? 

Buyers see a “Make an offer” button on listings you’ve chosen to include. If a buyer makes an offer, it will create a message thread with the buyer in your Messages section. These messages are not subject to the Star Seller 24-hour response measurement.

From here you can choose to accept the offer, negotiate a different price with the buyer through the message thread, or let the buyer know you’re not interested in their offer. 

To accept a buyer’s offer for a discount:

  1. Select Review offer in the offer message. 
  2. You can either accept the initial offer or enter a different price that you and the buyer have agreed upon in the Final price section. 
  3. Select Send final price. Once you send a final price, a buyer can’t make a new offer without going to your listing and restarting the offer process from the beginning. 
  4. From this point, the buyer has 48 hours to accept the offer. The buyer must select Complete purchase to accept.
  5. The buyer can now finish their purchase. 

Accepting a buyer’s offer does not make them obligated to purchase the item. It also does not reserve the item for the buyer, so it can still sell out before the buyer can accept the offer. 

Changing the price of your item will void any open offers from buyers, and they will need to resubmit their offer. To avoid creating a confusing buyer experience, it is not advisable to change an item’s prices or your currency settings while in the middle of negotiating an offer with a buyer. 

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