How Do I Use a Payoneer Account With Etsy Payments?

Etsy partners with Payoneer, a third-party payment provider, to offer Etsy Payments in Argentina, Chile, China, India, Japan, Peru, Thailand, and Ukraine. 

Etsy Payments with a Payoneer Payment Account is required if you're a seller in these countries. As of January 31, 2024, your shop will be suspended until you enroll in Etsy Payments.

In order to use Etsy Payments you’ll need to first sign up for Payoneer. It’s simple to set up and link to your Etsy account, making it easy for you to get paid to your Payoneer Payment Account and transfer money from there to your local bank account.

If you’re located in a different country, this won’t apply to you. Learn about accepting Etsy Payments.

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What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a money transfer service used across many countries and companies. Once money is deposited into your Payoneer Payment Account, you can choose to pay for other transactions from your Payoneer Payment Account, or you can deposit the funds into a bank account.

Why does Etsy partner with Payoneer?

Partnering with Payoneer means Etsy can welcome many more sellers who had previously been unable to open a shop because of the difficulties enabling Etsy Payments in their country. By partnering with Payoneer, we can offer the benefits of Etsy Payments, like Purchase Protection, to more sellers.

Payoneer is a regulated financial institution that is obligated to follow the strictest security practices. Funds managed by Payoneer are kept in segregated, safeguarded accounts by legal requirement. Check out Payoneer’s Security Center for more information about their security features and tips on how to keep a Payoneer Payment Account secure.

How does Payoneer work with Etsy?

When you make a sale, the funds are sent to your payment account on Etsy. Any fees you owe are applied to incoming funds, and any remaining amount becomes available for deposit.

Available funds are sent to your Payoneer Payment Account each Monday. Funds will be available in your Payoneer Payment Account once they are transferred. Currently, Payoneer users aren’t able to schedule deposits for a different time.

Once the funds are in your Payoneer Payment Account, you can deposit the funds to your bank account, or you can use the money to make other transactions from your Payoneer Payment Account. It typically takes 2–5 business days for the funds to appear in your bank account after you have requested withdrawal to your bank.

You won’t accept payments directly from Etsy buyers with your Payoneer Payment Account.

Shop currency

Etsy only supports deposits in United States Dollars (USD) to your Payoneer Payment Account. However, you can withdraw earnings from your Payoneer Payment Account to your local bank account in over 150 countries and currencies with Payoneer's bank transfer withdrawal service. Payoneer may charge a fee for this service. Learn more about Payoneer’s fees.

You can list your items in the same currency as your Etsy Payment account to avoid a currency conversion fee charged by Etsy. The currency you list items in is separate from what shoppers see. Shoppers choose their own currency to browse Etsy, and Etsy automatically converts the currency displayed on all items shown to them anywhere they see items on Etsy. Learn more.

Withdrawal minimums

Payoneer may place a minimum on the amount you can withdraw into your bank account at one time.

Payoneer withdrawal limits vary by banking country and currency. Learn more in Payoneer’s Support Center.

If you have any further questions, please contact Payoneer online through the Support Center or find the phone number specific to your country or region.

How do I sign up to accept Etsy Payments with Payoneer?

To sign up for Etsy Payments:

  1. Go to Shop Manager.
  2. Choose Finances.
  3. Open Payment settings.
  4. Choose Enroll now.

If nothing happens when you select Enroll now, turn off any ad or pop-up blocker in your browser and try again.

You’ll be prompted to sign in to a Payoneer Payment Account or create a Payoneer Payment Account if you don’t have one yet.

If you need to sign up for a new Payoneer Payment Account, you’ll be asked to enter your personal details to verify your identity and your financial information to receive your sale funds.

If you need help with setting up your Payoneer Payment Account, or if it’s pending, check Payoneer’s Support Center and contact Payoneer directly.

If you run multiple Etsy shops, you’re welcome to use the same Payoneer account in more than one Etsy shop.

What if I get an error that says “Looks like some details don’t match”?

If you get an error saying "Looks like some details don't match," you're likely trying to use a Payoneer Payment Account that has a bank account on file based in a different country from your Etsy Payments country.

To resolve this issue:

  • Be sure you’re choosing the correct country during Etsy Payments sign up.
  • Confirm that you have a bank account based in this same country that is linked to your Payoneer Payment Account.
    • For example, if you choose Ukraine in your Etsy shop, you must have a Ukrainian bank account linked to your Payoneer Payment Account.

What if I already sell on Etsy with PayPal?

If you already sell on Etsy with PayPal, when you sign up for Etsy Payments, we’ll remove standalone PayPal from your shop.

With Etsy Payments, buyers can choose to pay with PayPal, a credit card, debit or bank card, Etsy gift cards, Etsy credits, and more. Also, you can benefit from Etsy’s Purchase Protection Program. Learn more.

Please know you’ll be required to sign up for Etsy Payments in the future, but we’ll provide you with advance notice.

Once you enable Etsy Payments, you won’t be able to switch back to standalone PayPal.

What if I need help with Payoneer?

For any questions about using your Payoneer Payment Account, check Payoneer’s Support Center and contact Payoneer directly.

Choose your preferred language at the top of Payoneer's pages. If you have any trouble choosing a language, try disabling any pop-up blocker plugins on your browser.

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