What Information Does Etsy Report for EU Sellers?

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As of January 1st, 2023, online marketplaces like Etsy are required under EU law to provide details of sellers and their transactions to EU tax authorities annually. This reporting requirement is commonly referred to as DAC 7.

In January of 2024, Etsy will be required to report information to EU tax authorities for EU sellers who joined the platform in 2023 who meet the reporting requirements. In future years Etsy will report transactions for all EU sellers who meet the threshold regardless of their onboarding date.

Etsy is required to send your information to the relevant tax authorities when:

  • You complete 30 or more transactions in a calendar year 


  • You make €2,000 in sales after taxes and fees in a calendar year

Sellers who don’t meet either of these thresholds within a year are exempt from reporting.  

What EU seller data is Etsy required to report under DAC 7? 

The information that Etsy is required to share with EU tax authorities depends on whether you’re registered as an individual or a business entity.

 Information Etsy is required to report: 

  • First and Last Name 
  • Primary address
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) 
  • Date of birth 
  • VAT number, if the seller has one
  • A bank account number that your sales funds are paid or credited to 

 Information Etsy is required to report: 

  • Legal name/Shop name 
  • Primary address
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) 
  • VAT number, if the seller has one
  • Business registration number
  • A bank account number that your sales funds are paid or credited to
  • Any permanent establishments

Etsy is legally required to collect and verify the above information to report to local authorities in order to comply with DAC 7. Please review and update your tax information to make sure it’s accurate for reporting. 

If Etsy reaches out to you to request your information but you don’t provide it, you won’t be able to receive funds from your sales and Etsy may need to place your shop on pause via Etsy-initiated vacation mode. You won’t be able to exit vacation mode until you take the required actions.

Financial data collected

Etsy is also obligated to share information on seller’s transactions with EU tax authorities, including:

  • Total number of transactions completed during the period.

  • Total amount paid or credited to the seller during each quarter of the period. The total amount paid is your total gross sales minus any refunds, fees, and Etsy-remitted taxes.

  • Total amount of fees, commissions, or taxes withheld or charged by Etsy during each quarter of the period. 
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