How to Verify Your Identity on Etsy

Etsy partners with Persona, a third-party provider, to verify new sellers’ identities and help keep our community safe. During the onboarding process, Persona will compare your ID photo to your selfie to make sure they match. 

Learn more about how your information is used. 

How to upload an ID

You will be asked to share a copy of a government-issued photo ID by uploading a picture. When you select the country your ID is from, you will see a list of accepted types of ID. These vary by country but may include:

  • Driver’s license
  • State ID
  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident Card

  • Your name and other information is easy to read.
  • The ID shows your name and date of birth.
  • The ID is not expired.
  • The name on the ID matches the name on the bank account you shared.
  • The ID is from the approved list of government-issued IDs. The list of approved IDs varies based on the country you choose during the verification process.

How to upload a selfie 

Persona will help us match your selfie to your ID photo to verify your identity. You will be asked to take a selfie while standing still or by moving your face slowly to the left and right.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions. They will indicate whether you should move or be still.
  • Remove any glasses, hats or headpieces.
  • Make sure your face isn’t blurry.

If you see a “Can’t access your camera” error, see Persona’s instructions for enabling camera permissions. 

If you see a “Failed to capture image” error, see Persona’s instructions for retaking your photo

How to upload your proof of address

If you are asked to upload a proof of address due to living in a sanctioned region within the past 10 years, you will be asked to upload one of these documents:

  • A utility bill (recommended)
  • A lease or rental agreement that shows your rent includes utilities


  • Make sure your current address and any utility payments are clear and visible.
  • Upload up to 3 images of your document.

What if my ID is from a different country than my taxpayer address? 

It’s okay if the address on your government-issued ID doesn’t match your taxpayer address. However, the name on your ID and your taxpayer address must match.  

How do I continue verification on another device?

If you would like to continue your verification on another device, select “Continue on another device” to send yourself a link by email or SMS text message. Open this link on the device you would like to continue using for verification. You will need to return to your original device to complete the verification.  

If you do not receive an SMS text message, check your spam messages, check the phone number or email address you provided, or request a new message.

What if my session or verification link expires?

If your session expires, you will be brought back to the beginning of the verification process. You will not lose your progress in the Etsy seller onboarding process.

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