Google Shopping Ads: Abiding by Google’s Policies

Sellers who create a Google Shopping campaign must comply with Etsy's policies, including our Advertising and Marketing Policy and Google's Shopping ads policy.

Sellers are responsible for reading and understanding both policies, and ensuring their listings comply.

Note: Google’s policy on what can be advertised is different than Etsy's. The items you can sell and promote on Etsy may not always comply with Google’s policies.

We encourage you to read Google Shopping policies directly for the most up to date information, but here are a few common reasons why an Etsy seller’s listing might get suspended from Google Shopping: 

  • Watermarks: Google does not allow text on top of product images, unless it’s part of the product itself. 
  • Adult-oriented content: Listings that advertise adult merchandise, have sexually suggestive content, or contain images of exposed skin and nudity can't be advertised on Google Shopping. 
  • Dangerous products: Google prohibits the promotion of some products that cause damage, harm, or injury. 

Knowing if your account is suspended

If your campaign has suddenly stopped receiving stats, it’s likely your account has been suspended. Please contact Etsy Support by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

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