Pattern Settings and Subscription Information

The Settings tab of your Pattern Dashboard allows you to manage a variety of options for your Pattern site. From here, you can cancel your Pattern free trial or subscription, change your translation preferences, set up a tracking code for Google Analytics, and enable commenting for your blog.

Billing and cancellation

The Billing section shows how much you're paying for Pattern as well as the date of your next Pattern bill. Clicking on this page will allow you to view your bill.

You can also cancel your Pattern site from the Settings page. Please know that if you cancel your site at any time during the month, you'll still be responsible for paying the full subscription fee for that month.

  1. Go to your Shop Manager, select Pattern under Sales Channels, and then choose Settings.

  2. Select Cancel your Pattern site. Fill out the brief survey and then click the Cancel Pattern button.

  3. Your site will remain active until the end of the month you've already paid for, but you're welcome to disable it immediately by clicking Deactivate my site now after you've canceled.

If you choose to leave your site up until the end of the month, your site will stay live until the last day of the month and then will automatically be taken down. You won’t need to take further action to cancel your site.

For more information on fees and billing for your website, see the Fees & Payments Policy.

Note: If you registered a domain through Etsy and choose to cancel your Pattern subscription, your domain registration will still be active. For more information about disconnecting your domain from Pattern, take a look at this Help article.


In some cases, your site will automatically translate listing content for buyers based on the language set in their browser settings. However, if you customize your listing titles and descriptions for Pattern, they won't be eligible for manual or automatic translations. This Help article explains how languages and translations work on Pattern.

If you want to turn off auto-translations, select Default language only and click Publish. This will display your website in your shop’s default language for all users, regardless of their location or browser settings.

Google Analytics

In addition to Pattern Stats, you have the option to add Google Analytics to review your website's performance.

If you have an existing Google Analytics account and want to add it to your site, enter your tracking code into the Google Analytics box. Then click Publish.

If you don't have a Google Analytics account, you can set one up through Google. Learn more about setting up a tracking code.

Enabling blog comments

If you have an active blog through Pattern, you have the option to enable commenting on your posts. Keep in mind that your blog needs to be active before you can enable this feature. Learn more about setting up a blog on your site.

To set up and manage commenting for your posts, you'll need to create a free account with Disqus. This is where you'll manage all of your comment settings. To get started:

  1. Create a free account at

  2. Select I want to install Disqus on my site. Click here to get to this page directly.

  3. In the Website name field, enter your shop name or the name of your Patten site.

  4. Click Create Site and select Pattern from the list of platforms on the What platform is your site on? page.

  5. Copy your shortname and paste it in the Disqus section of your Pattern settings. Click Publish.

You can disable Disqus at any time by deleting your shortcode within the Settings tab of your Pattern dashboard. Click Publish to update your changes.

This guide also explains how to get started with Disqus.

Once you’ve enabled Disqus, you'll use your Disqus account to moderate comments made by readers and manage your moderation options.

Note: If you receive notice that a comment violates our policies, it's your responsibility to moderate or remove that comment. For more information, please review our Pattern policies.

For more information, check out these additional guides from Disqus:

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