How to Create Pattern Listings

When you create a website through Pattern, all of your listings will be automatically imported from your Etsy shop. You can keep some or all of these listings from your Etsy shop on your site, or you can create a new listing specifically for Pattern. We’ll indicate which channel listings exist on by displaying an “E” or “P” tag on the Listings page of your Shop Manager.

Create Pattern-only listings

  1. Go to the Listings section of your Shop Manager and click Add a listing.

  2. Under Sales Channels, check the Pattern box only.

  3. Fill out the remaining fields as you normally would during the listing process

Pattern-only listings are different from listings on in the following ways:

  • There is no listing fee when creating a Pattern-only listing. 
  • Pattern-only listings never expire
  • Pattern-only listings do not have to meet Etsy’s handmade or vintage policies. They must still be in compliance with our Prohibited Items Policy.

Here are a few examples of listings that can now be listed on your Pattern website, but not on

  • Gift baskets. This could be a curated selection of products packaged for easy gift giving. 
  • Vintage items less than 20 years old. For instance, you could sell stonewashed jeans from 2005. 
  • Products you didn't make or design. For instance, you could include bags of gourmet coffee to compliment your handmade pottery mug selection. 
  • Classes. These can be in-person or through a webinar. 
  • Collaboratively designed items. These could be items you made with the help of another designer.

Listing policies vary depending on the sales channel. This table outlines which policies apply to your listings:

Policy Etsy Only Pattern Only Pattern + Etsy
Handmade x   x
Vintage x   x
Supply x   x
Prohibited Items x x x

Customize existing listings

If you choose to list items from Etsy on your website, it will automatically mirror listing content from your Etsy shop, like listing photos and variations.

You can also customize listing titles and descriptions for items on your website. These changes won't affect listing content in your shop.

To make these changes:

  1. Click on an individual listing and scroll down to Pattern listing details.
  2. Check the box next to Edit my title and description for my Pattern site.

  3. Update the sections you want to change for your site, then click Publish.

  4. To view your changes, click View your site from the Pattern Dashboard.

Managing listings between sales channels

Any time you create a listing, you can specify where they appear by modifying the sales channels.To edit sales channels for a listing:

  1. Go to Shop Manager > Listings.

  2. Select the listing you want to manage.

  3. Check the appropriate boxes under Channel settings to indicate where you’d like your listing to appear.

Keep this important information in mind when editing the sales channel for your listings:

  • If you create a listing for your Pattern website and then decide add it to in the future, the listing must comply with all of Etsy’s policies
  • If you add a Pattern-only listing to Etsy, you'll incur a $.20 listing fee the moment you add it to It will also have a four-month expiration date. 
  • If you add and remove the sales channel from a listing, you will be charged the $.20 listing fee each time you re-add it to Etsy. Please be certain that you'd like to remove the item before making this change.

This table outlines how fees and expiration dates work for different sales channels:

Listing Type: Listing Fee Expiration Date
Pattern-only None None. Listing remains live until sold out or you remove it.
Pattern + Initial $0.20 listing fee. You'll only be charged additional listing renewal fees if a quantity is sold on If a buyer purchases this listing on Pattern, you won’t be charged a listing renewal fee. Four months. The listing will expire on both and Pattern.
Pattern only, added to in the future No listing fee when listing on Pattern. Once you add the listing to, you'll incur a $0.20 listing fee. No expiration date when only listed on Pattern. Once you add the listing to the listing will expire on both channels 4 months from the date it is added to



Additional listing information

  • Any title or description you change for your Pattern site won't be eligible for manual or automatic translations. Learn more about Pattern in global markets.

  • Listing photos can't be modified for different sales channels.

  • Listing sections will only appear in relevant sales channels. If you have a section containing Pattern-only listings, that section will only appear on your website.
  • Buyers won’t be able to leave reviews for items purchased via your Pattern site. However, you have the option for reviews for purchases to appear on their corresponding listings on Pattern.
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