Roles for Shop Members

If your shop has multiple people, you must disclose the role for each of your shop members in your About section. There you can explain how each shop member contributes the day-to-day running of your business.

If a particular shop member has more than one role, you can still highlight all of those roles in the About section.

Learn more about how to fill in your shop's About section.

Shop Member Roles

Choose from the following preset roles:

  • Owner: You and anyone else you consider to be an owner of your Etsy shop. The owner must also be the seller and must also be making and/or designing items sold as handmade. Under Etsy's Terms of Use, the owner is responsible for any activity on the account. 
  • Assistant: A full time, part-time, or seasonal helper who assists with making your items or managing your shop. If you hire third-party freelance workers to help with administrative tasks, please read our policies for Freelance Administrative Help
  • Maker: Anyone within your business who has a role in the physical creation of your items. (A person who helps physically produce your items but operates as a separate business may be considered a production partner. If you work with a production partner, please disclose them separately. Learn more about this in our Handmade Policy.) 
  • Curator: Someone who selects the products you carry. This role applies to vintage or craft supply shops only. 
  • Customer Service: A person who helps the shop owner communicate with buyers and provide excellent and prompt customer service. Please note that the shop owner must continue to participate in the running of the shop in an active role. You can read more about providing excellent customer service in our Seller Policy
  • Designer: A seller who has come up with an original design, pattern, sketch, template, prototype, or plan to be produced by in-house shop members or a production partner. A designer must have a vital role in the running of a handmade Etsy shop. If you are using production assistance, you, the seller, must be the designer of those items. Please note that if someone outside of your business helps physically produce the items you design, you must disclose this on all applicable listings. See our Manufacturing Policy for more information. 
  • Marketer: A person who works with you to promote your Etsy shop and items in different channels. 
  • Photographer: A person who photographs your items to create the images you use in your shop and listings. 
  • Shipper: A person who helps pack your sold orders and ship them out to buyers.

You can also create custom roles using the box below the preset roles.

When filling out this page, you must follow Etsy's policies regarding shops with multiple people involved.

Please review Etsy’s Handmade Policy for more information.

Note: Your shop members are different from your production partners if you work with any. Learn more about disclosing production partners.

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