What Are My Pattern Theme Options?

Pattern offers a variety of available themes so you can customize the layout of your site. Each theme highlights content that is imported from your Etsy shop, such as your shop images, your featured listings, and shop sections. You can change your theme at any time.

Selecting a theme

To select a theme, go to the Design section of your Website editor. From here, you can preview and change the layout of your site using the different theme options.

If you select a theme that features content that you currently don't have in your Etsy shop, you’ll see a placeholder box that describes what content the area features, and a link to Etsy where you can add that content.

When you visit your Pattern Dashboard for the first time, we'll recommend a theme for your Pattern site based on the existing content in your Etsy shop. You can choose from any of the available themes you like most.

When you select a new theme, you'll see a live preview displaying your content. To view a full screen preview of the desktop version, click the Preview button on the bottom right of the screen. Click the desktop / mobile icons in the lower left corner of the preview pane to see how your Pattern site will look on both types of devices.

To make your changes live, click Publish.

As you browse the theme options, remember that you can select your own font, colors, shopping cart style, and shop icon preferences within the Website editor. This article talks more about different design options for your site.


Works best with: featured listings, shop sections

The Trellis theme is designed to show off your featured listings. This theme will automatically display the same featured listings in your Etsy shop, but you can customize them for your site. Click the pencil icon in the corner of the featured listings to rearrange, remove, or add new featured listings to your site.

You can also make changes to your cover photo and shop icon by using the in-line editor on the page. Click Publish to make your changes live.

Beneath your cover photo and featured listings, the Trellis theme displays your shop sections. When a buyer clicks on a shop section, a new page loads with all the products from that section. To manage your shop sections, go to the Listings section of your Shop Manager.


Works best with: shops with a low number of listings

The Stripe theme is designed to feature your products simply and cleanly. Buyers will scroll through your products as they navigate down the page. All items are displayed on the page similar to a blog layout. A buyer can also use your shop sections on the left side of the page to view items in specific categories. Use the Listings page in your Shop Manager to make changes to shop sections.


Works best with: shop images, shop story content

The Chevron theme is designed to put your brand’s story front and center. Your About section image is displayed prominently, and if you have multiple images they will be displayed in a slideshow. Your shop story is displayed beneath the shop images, with a link to read more. Your latest products are shown below.

Edit your shop image and story by clicking on the Pages icon within the Website editor.


Works best with: shops with organized shop section collections

The Swatch theme gives buyers the ability to browse your products by category. You can also include a unique cover photo for this theme.

Your products are displayed on the homepage, arranged by shop section. Buyers can click to view a specific listing, or they can click to open a page that shows all products within that category.


Works best with: sellers who want to showcase a large amount of products

The Mosaic theme displays your products in a collage layout on the homepage. This theme works well for sellers with a large amount of diverse products. The product name and price do not appear on the screen until a buyer hovers over an image with their mouse. When a buyer clicks on a product, a new page opens with the full listing information and the ability to add that product to their shopping cart.

Your shop sections are displayed above your products, and buyers can click on a section to view products within each category.


Works best with: sellers who want to showcase a large amount of products

Brick is similar to our most popular theme, Mosaic, and displays your products in a collage layout. Unlike the Mosaic theme, your listing titles and price are displayed underneath the product image. The Brick theme also features animated category filter menus and a floating cart button that's always displayed as you scroll down the page.


Works best with: sellers who want to highlight their branding and showcase a large amount of products

Like the Mosaic theme, the Gingham theme also displays your products in a collage layout on the homepage. The Gingham theme is a good option for sellers who want to display strong branding. The accent color you choose is used prominently across the site, and the shop icon (when enabled for Pattern in the Style settings) will display largely in the header.

There is also a subtle zoom effect when a visitor hovers over a product image on the homepage or category page.


Works best with: sellers who want to create a landing page that introduces their brand

The Chiffon theme highlights your brand, story, and photography. This includes the option to add a new or existing cover photo. The homepage displays the photo from your first listing as a background image, with your site title and headline prominently displayed. This theme also offers a clean navigation to the rest of your site, and buyers can browse your listings in an artistic collage layout.

Like the homepage, your About section displays your About photo as the background image. It also makes your shop story more visible to buyers.


Works best with: sellers who want to showcase their listing photography and cover photo/banner

The Pearl theme prominently displays your product photography using larger listing images. It also features your shop's banner/cover photo on the homepage.

This theme also includes a floating category menu that remains on the page as buyers scroll through your items, making it easy for them to navigate to different shop sections. Social sharing icons remain on the page as well so buyers can easily share your items.


Works best with: sellers who want to make their featured items more prominent on the homepage

The Zephyr theme prominently displays your featured items in a slideshow design at the top of your site's homepage. This theme also gives you the option to include your shop's cover photo. Both of your featured listings and cover photo preferences can be managed by clicking on the Pages icon of your Pattern Dashboard.

All of your products are displayed in a collage layout with varied listing image sizes. Shoppers can view the price and title of an item by hovering over the listing. Additionally, each listing page includes related items from your own shop that are featured at the bottom of the page.

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