How to Disconnect a Domain on Pattern

You have the option to disconnect any domain that is currently connected to your website from the Pattern Dashboard. We've outlined steps on how to disconnect a third-party domain and a domain registered through Pattern.

Once you fully disconnect, your Pattern URL will default to You're welcome to reconnect your domain at any time.

Domain registered on Pattern

  1. Go to Shop Manager and select your Pattern shop name under Sales Channels. Click the Domains tab.
  2. Click Manage this domain next to the domain you want to disconnect.

To point this domain to a different site other than Pattern, you'll need to edit your DNS records. Read this guide for more information.

To transfer the domain away to a different registrar, click Unlock for transfer and then Confirm.

Once you unlock for transfer, we'll display an authorization code on the Pattern Dashboard. You’ll be asked for this code when you begin the process of connecting the domain to a new registrar. The transfer won't be complete until you visit the registrar's website and enter the domain you want to transfer.

Hover is one website that helps with the transfer process. If you transfer to Hover, you'll have full DNS record management for your domain. Learn more.

Please keep in mind that there is a 60-day wait after registering a domain before you can transfer it away from Pattern. The waiting period is a regulation set by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Repeat these steps for any additional domains you’ve connected that you’d like to disconnect.

Third-party domain

  1. Go to Shop Manager and select your Pattern shop name under Sales Channels. Click the Domains tab.
  2. Click Manage next to the domain you want to disconnect from, then click Disconnect.

The domain will no longer point to your Pattern site, but you’ll still need to visit your domain provider’s website to delete the records (A record and CNAME) you created. Once you do this, your domain will be fully disconnected.

Domain privacy

If you unlock your domain for transfer and have WHOIS privacy enabled, your WHOIS Privacy Service will be temporarily disabled. Once you successfully transfer your domain, it will be re-enabled.

You can learn more about WHOIS privacy under the "Domain Privacy" section of this Help article.

Keep in mind that if you have WHOIS privacy enabled, you may need to wait 24 hours after unlocking the domain to transfer it to a new registrar.

The authorization code will remain displayed on your Pattern Dashboard until the transfer is complete.

Note: You won’t be able to transfer a domain that is suspended. If you see a notification on your Pattern Dashboard saying that your domain is unverified, be sure to verify it by clicking Resend the verification link. Be sure to click the verification link within your email.

Reconnecting a domain to Pattern

If you decide not to transfer your domain and want to continue using it for your Pattern site, click the Lock your domain button. This will re-enable WHOIS privacy with Pattern if you purchased it.

To reconnect the domain, click Reconnect.

You can also register one or more domains for your Pattern site from the Domains section of your dashboard. This Help article has more information on the domain registration process.

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