How your Username, Shop Name, and Preferred Name Represent You

There are three types of names that you can use to represent yourself on Etsy.


You may have registered with a username when you created your account. You can sign in with your username or email address.

  • You cannot change your username. 
  • Your username is public information. 
  • Your username is in the web address to get to your profile: 

Learn more about usernames.

Shop name

If you sell on Etsy, your shop name represents your Etsy business.

  • Your shop name is in the web address to get to your shop:
  • Shops are additions to buyer accounts, so you'll still have your username. You can't sign in with your shop name if it's different from your username.

Preferred Name

Your preferred name can be listed on your Etsy profile, making it easier for your friends to find you on Etsy.  The name listed on your profile can’t be a business name, but it can be the name you prefer going by whether it is a nickname, your full name, or the name you choose to go by. 

Changes to your name on Etsy cannot be made through the mobile app. If you need to change or remove your name, you’ll need to sign in to Etsy on your desktop or mobile browser. 

To change your name:

  1. Sign into and go to Your account, then Account settings.
  2. In the About You section, select Edit public profile 
  3. Next to Your Name, select Change or remove.
  4. You can change or remove your preferred name from your public profile. It’s not required to have an entry in both fields before saving your changes. 
  5. Select Save Changes and your preferred name will appear on your public profile
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