How to Edit Your Listings To Get Found in Etsy Search

When someone searches on Etsy, the search algorithm looks at listing titles, along with tags, and item categories.

Editing the title of an existing listing

To edit your listing:

  1. In your Shop Manager, go to Listings.
  2. Search for the item you’d like to edit. 
  3. Select the Quick Edit button. 
  4. Edit your listing title.
  5. When you’re satisfied with your title, select Exit Quick Edit.

  • The maximum length for a title is 140 characters.

  • The following characters may only be used once in a title: % : &

  • The following characters may not be used: $ ^ `

  • Titles may not contain more than three words in all capital letters. Please use both upper and lower case letters in your titles. If you're syndicated for Google Shopping, you should also make sure your titles follow the guidelines Google has set for this service.

  • Consider using short, descriptive phrases in your listing title that a buyer would use when searching for an item like the one you’re selling.

  • Avoid using complimentary phrases (beautiful, excellent, stunning, etc) in your listing titles.

  • Use the materials of the item you're listing (wood, rose gold, canvas, etc) and/or the color of your item to help increase your chance of it being found in search.

  • If you're selling artwork, put the title of your art piece in the description instead of using it for the listing title. 

While titling your items, also keep in mind how other search engines off Etsy will find and display your items. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To learn how other sellers use titles in their listings to get found in search, join the conversation in the Etsy Forums

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