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The checkout process on your website is similar to how a buyer purchases on Etsy. Visitors have the option to purchase with an Etsy account, or they can complete the entire transaction as a guest. We’ll go over what a buyer sees during checkout, and what you see when you make a sale on Pattern.

Note: At this time, there is no way to opt out of having guest checkout on your Pattern site. There are no extra fees for having guest checkout—your monthly Pattern subscription fee and transaction fees remain the same.

What your buyer will see

When your buyer clicks Proceed to Checkout, they’ll be taken to a page where they can choose their payment method. If they do have an Etsy account, they can click the Sign in link. If not, they can select a payment method and then click Continue to complete the checkout process as a guest.

Guest check out is not available for:

  • Any order over $250
  • Some payment methods, including money orders and checks
  • Orders purchased with Etsy gift cards

If the buyer chooses to check out as a guest, they’ll enter their shipping address, payment details, and email address as they would during usual Etsy checkout. If they signed in to their Etsy account, they’ll see a list of shipping addresses and payment details they saved to their account. They can also add new addresses or payment information.

The Review and submit your order page gives the buyer an opportunity to change their previously entered shipping address, payment method, or email address if needed. They can still use your shop’s coupon codes, even if they are checking out as a guest.

For buyers in the EEA

If your buyer is in the EEA, which comprises the EU, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, they may be asked to authenticate their payment when they complete their purchase.

To authenticate a payment, they need to respond to a prompt from their card issuer and provide additional information. Depending on their card issuer, this additional information may include a correct response to a question, a password, or a passcode.

When your buyer submits their order, they’ll be taken to a confirmation page. If you’ve connected your Pattern site with MailChimp, your buyer will see an option to subscribe to your website’s newsletter.

The buyer will get a receipt sent to their email address. They'll also receive a shipment confirmation email (that includes tracking information, if applicable) when you mark the order as shipped. If the buyer pays with their PayPal account, these notifications will be sent to their PayPal email address. Otherwise, they'll be sent to the email address they enter during the checkout process. If they signed in to their Etsy account at the time of purchase, we’ll send this information to the email address they have on file.

The buyer will not receive any promotional or marketing emails from Etsy. Also, your buyer won't be sent an email asking them to leave a review, since there is no review system for Pattern sites.

What you'll see

When you get a sale on your site, you’ll fulfill the order the same way as you normally would using your Etsy account. You can find the order on your Open Orders page. Go to Shop Manager > Orders & Shipping and click the Open Orders tab.

If the buyer checked out as a guest, you’ll see the word “Guest” under their name.

The buyer will have one of six guest avatars displayed.

If a guest buyer registers for an Etsy account and associates their order with their new account, their information will be updated on your Orders page. You’ll now see the buyer’s username and avatar (or if they haven’t chosen their own yet, the gray default avatar). There will also be a link to their Etsy profile. With this in mind, you should always reference order numbers when looking up your orders.


When a buyer contacts you, either through the Contact us link on your site or their receipt, you'll find their message in your Messages inbox. Your messages to the buyer go to their email inbox. This is where they can reply directly to the message.


We encourage people who buy from both Etsy shops and Pattern sites to contact their seller directly if they have a question about or an issue with their order.

If a buyer needs to open a case, they’ll need to have an Etsy account. The best way for them to do this is by clicking the order number on their emailed receipt. This article explains how.

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