How to Resolve Issues With Shop Images

If you’re having trouble with images in your Etsy shop, read through these common problems and how to fix them.

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How to resolve issues uploading images

There are a few possible reasons why your listing images aren't uploading:

Your image may be too small

We recommend your images be at least 2000 pixels wide. Use image editing software to resize your images before uploading them to Etsy.

Your browser may be incompatible with Etsy

Check to make sure that your browser is up-to-date. Using an older version of a web browser, or a browser that's not supported by Etsy, can cause trouble. If you're using Internet Explorer, disable add-ons and toolbars that didn't come with your browser.

You may have a poor internet connection

Check your internet connection. If you're experiencing a slower than normal internet connection, sign out of Etsy before turning your device off and reboot your router or modem. This will establish a new (and ideally speedier) connection between you and your internet service provider.

Your file may be too large

Files bigger than 300k may time out, especially on a slower internet connection. Try using a smaller file or compressing your file to reduce its size.

The filetype may not be supported

Ensure the file is properly encoded as a .jpg, .gif or .png. These are the only image file types Etsy supports. Animated .gif files are not supported.

You're not using proper color profile for images 

Convert your images to sRGB before uploading to ensure that the colors you see on the site will match the originals. We convert images to use the sRGB color profile (as opposed to the CMYK color profile, which is for print only).

Your uploads may be blocked

Make sure there isn't a firewall blocking your uploads. Try to alter your firewall settings or take the firewall down briefly to test the transfer. 

Your image uploads may be the wrong orientation

Etsy auto-rotates listing photos, but keep in mind that this depends on information included by your camera in the image file. If your listing images are still uploading sideways, try using a photo editing service to rotate your images, or retake the photo while holding the camera in a different position. Remember that the orientation of your subject matter should match the orientation of the camera.

What to do if your listing thumbnail is too small

If your listing’s thumbnail image is cropped too small, you may be using an image that is too zoomed in to your item. We recommend using an image with most space around the item that you want to show in your thumbnail.

Image errors and how to fix them

If you get one of these error messages when uploading an image, read how to resolve the issue:

Error: “Listings look best with photos at least 2000 pixels wide”

This error appears when the images uploaded to a listing are less than 2000 pixels wide. While this error is only a suggestion, having your listing images be at least 2000 pixels wide will result in the highest quality images for buyers.

Error message: “Storage response missing file extension”

This warning typically appears when the image used to upload is too small to fit within the borders of a shop banner. 

How to fix this error: Increasing the size of the image, and making sure that the original image is oriented horizontally, will usually let you successfully upload your banner. 

Error message: “Darn! Something went wrong with uploading your image. Please try again.”

This warning will appear when images used for banner uploads are higher than the recommended size (no larger than 2500 pixels in width). 

How to fix this error: Scaling down the image to be smaller than 2500 pixels in width will usually let you successfully upload your banner. 

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