How Etsy's Offsite Ads Work

Etsy advertises listings throughout the web, including in search engine results, social media sites and apps, Etsy Publishing Partner sites, and Google Display Network sites. Etsy offers this service with no upfront costs to you: you only pay an advertising fee when you make a sale.

Your listings may be included in these advertisements. Etsy may automatically advertise your listings with our partners at our discretion.

Offsite ads may be optional for your shop, depending on the revenue you’ve made on Etsy in the past 12 months. To lean more, read Etsy’s Advertising Policy.

How do Offsite Ads work?

You don’t need to do anything to be eligible for Etsy’s Offsite Ads. Etsy works with partner sites and networks to promote your listings on their pages. We send them all listing inventory information on Etsy, including the listings’ descriptions, photos, titles, and more. The site’s advertising algorithm uses those details to match a user's search or profile info to your listing ad. They make sure to show the most relevant items for every user profile and/or search query. 

Can I choose which of my listings Etsy advertises?

Our team of advertising experts works hard with partner sites and networks to promote Etsy sellers’ listings. Active listings are advertised based on what performs best on each channel.

To increase the chance of your listings being advertised, you can improve the quality of your listings. Most websites have criteria for listings that are advertised, that you can match better through improving your listing quality.

Learn more about online advertising.

Is there a fee if someone purchases an item through an Offsite Ad?

The offsite advertising fee depends on the revenue you’ve made on Etsy in the past 365 days:

  • If your Etsy shop made less than $10,000 USD, you’ll be charged a 15% fee for an order attributed to an Offsite Ad on the amount you made from your sale before the advertising fee was applied.
  • If your Etsy shop made at least $10,000 USD, you’ll get a discounted fee of 12%. 

The offsite advertising fee for an order will never exceed $100 USD, regardless of the order total for an order attributed to an Offsite Ad. Learn how orders are attributed to Offsite Ads.

If you’re a seller with a shop currency other than USD, your revenue total is calculated from your order amounts converted to USD with the currency exchange rates Etsy used at the time that the sale was processed.

We’ll take a look at your sales each month to determine your rate.

Learn more about Etsy’s fees in our Fees & Payments Policy.

How do I know which rate I'll get?

You can see what rate you'll get on your Shop Dashboard.

How are my orders are attributed to Offsite Ads?

If a buyer clicks through an offsite ad promoting one of your listings and then purchases from your shop within 30 days, that order will be attributed to the ad.

You’re only charged when a shopper clicks on an ad for one of your listings and purchases from your shop. If a shopper clicks on an ad for your item but doesn’t make a purchase, you don’t pay a fee.

Can multiple orders be attributed to a single ad click?

If a member clicks an ad and purchases from your shop multiple times (in separate orders) within the 30-day window, each order is eligible for the Offsite Ad fee.

Where does Etsy advertise?

Etsy pays the upfront costs to advertise your listings on certain social media sites and apps, search engines results, partner sites, and the Google Display Network. 

The services we advertise with may change over time.

Offsite Ads channels

Etsy Offsite Ads may appear in the search engines results, platforms, partners and social media sites listed in the Offsite Ad Channels list

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Bing
  • Etsy Publishing Partner Sites
  • Google Display Network

What are the advertising policies of these sites?

Each of the services listed in the Offsite Ad Channels list has their own policies that determine whether or not your listings are eligible to appear there. Each service may have stricter policies than Etsy does in regards to mature items and prohibited items.

If you have questions about your listings’ eligibility to be advertised, check the terms and conditions for the service:

What are Etsy Publishing Partners?

An Etsy Publishing Partner is a site that offers curated shopping catalogs where Offsite Ads listings may appear. You can see which orders are attributed to Etsy Publishing Partners in your Offsite Ads dashboard

Approved Etsy Publishing Partners currently include: 

What is the Google Display Network?

Google Display Network (GDN) is a publisher network where we can advertise to specific audiences. GDN allows us to target buyers across sites they are visiting, even when they’re not actively searching.  

There are over two million sites where GDN may advertise your listing, including YouTube, Zillow, Gmail,, AOL, and MSN. These sites may change weekly based on buyer behavior.  

Are Etsy's Offsite Ads optional?

All sellers are automatically enrolled in Offsite Ads. Some sellers will be able to choose whether to participate.

The ability to opt-out of Offsite Ads depends on your shop’s sales in the last 365 days:

  • If your Etsy shop has made more than $10,000 USD in the past 365 days, you’ll benefit most from offsite advertising. You’ll be required to participate for the lifetime of your shop and you’ll get a discounted advertising fee.
  • If your Etsy shop has made less than $10,000 USD on Etsy in the past 365 days, Offsite Ads are optional. However, if you choose to use this service, you’ll get advertising run by our team of experts without any upfront investment, which is a great opportunity to grow your business.

We’ll take a look at your sales each month. Once you’ve made more than $10,000 USD in a 365 day period, you’ll be required to participate in Offsite Ads. 

You can calculate how much you’ve earned on Etsy in the past 365 days by going to your Stats page in Shop Manager and setting a custom date range.

To opt-out of Offsite Ads:

  1. On, choose Shop Manager.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Offsite Ads.
  4. Choose Stop promoting my products.
  5. Confirm that you want Etsy to Stop promoting my products.
  6. Confirm Stop promoting my products.

If you ever want to re-enroll in Offsite Ads, visit the Offsite Ads page and choose Restart Offsite Ads.

How does Partner Checkout on Google work?

Partner Checkout is a feature of Google Shopping that allows US buyers to be able to purchase items from sellers directly from a listing without leaving Google. At this time, only US sellers are eligible to be included in Partner Checkout on Google. Shops and listings must also meet the eligibility requirements listed below, but we plan on expanding the eligibility to a wider audience of sellers and listings in the future.

If you are opted into the Offsite Ads program, we may also include your listings in free product listing spaces in the Google shopping tab (where you’re normally not charged an Offsite Ads fee). 

This feature is only available on these free listings, so there is no additional fee for sellers if buyers purchase an item through Partner Checkout on Google, rather than completing the checkout experience on Etsy.

In order to be eligible for inclusion in Partner Checkout on Google, your shop must be: 

  • Participating in Etsy Offsite Ads
  • Located in and ship from the continental U.S.
  • Enrolled in Etsy Payments
  • Participating in Etsy’s Free Shipping Program
  • Complying with Etsy’s Terms of Use 

Additionally, in order for listings to be eligible for inclusion, they must:  

  • Ship to buyers for free
  • Not have variants available 
  • Not require customization or personalization
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