How to Shop with the Etsy App

On the Etsy app you can browse, discover unique items, and make purchases on the go. The Etsy App is made to make the shopping experience simple  for buyers. 

How the Etsy App makes shopping simple 

The Etsy app doesn’t function differently from Etsy on your desktop, while shopping on Etsy you’ll notice that the app has all of the same features that you see on your browser. All of these features can be found by navigating to the bottom of your screen and tapping the following buttons: 


The homepage and it is there where you will see different sections of the site based on recommendations from items you’ve searched, or recently favorited: 

  • Our picks for you: This section shows you shops and items you may like based on your favorites and recent items you searched for. 
  • Recently viewed: Recently viewed items will appear in this section based off previous searches made for specific items. 
  • Recently favorited: This section highlights any items that you have recently favorited. 
  • Recommendations based on: These sections can rotate based on your searches, it will refresh to show if you’ve looked up specific items and give recommendations to similar items you may also like. 


When you tap on your Favorites section on the bottom of the app you will have the option to swipe between three different tabs on the app: 

  •  Items: This tab will list all of your favorite items. 
  • Shops: This tab will show all of your favorite shops that you follow.
  • Searches: In the search tab you will find all of your recent search requests from here you can select an item you recently searched for or favorite so you have easier access to it for future searches. 


Updates will alert you when an item you’ve favorited goes on sale, when a shop you follow is having a sale or has restocked or added new items to their inventory. 


Tap You to get to your Profile, Messages, Notifications, Purchases & Reviews, and Settings.

  • Profile:You can view and edit your public profile page. Tap, Edit at the top right to upload a profile picture, change your location and add your birthday and a bio onto your profile. 
  • Messages: This is Etsy's messaging system. Send a message or see messages you've received from other Etsy members.
  • Purchases & Reviews: This shows all your Etsy purchases. Here, you can leave reviews for the items you've purchased.
  • Settings: Manage your push notifications and privacy settings, manage your language and currency, and sign out.


Type in a search for items, a shop, or sort through categories. Learn more about Etsy Search.


 You can view items you've added to your cart and can make purchases directly from the app.

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