How to Offer Free Shipping

You can offer free shipping in a few different ways:

  • Run a free shipping sale 
  • Create a free shipping coupon code 
  • Create or edit a manual shipping profile 
  • Include free shipping in a calculated shipping profile (US and Canada only)

If you choose to offer free shipping through a sale or a shipping profile, buyers will see the sale for relevant listings on your shop's homepage and in search results.

Note: Coupon codes are not publicly visible in search. We leave it up to you to promote and share this type of discount with specific audiences.

Free shipping sale or coupon

  1. To create a free shipping sale or coupon, go to Shop Manager > Marketing > Sales and coupons and click New special offer.
  2. Specify which discount you'd like to offer by selecting Run a sale or Create a coupon.
  3. Select Free shipping from the dropdown menu.
  4. Fill out the remaining fields, then click Confirm and create discount to finalize your changes.

Learn more about sales and coupons.

Shipping profiles

To offer free shipping for your items, you can add a new shipping profile or edit an existing one. We’ve outlined these steps for manual and calculated shipping profiles below.

Note: Only shoppers in countries that you ship to will see your listings in search.

Manual shipping profiles

  1. Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping settings.
  2. To make changes to an existing shipping profile, click Edit. To create a new one, select Add a shipping profile.
  3. Choose Enter custom shipping options.
  4. In the Shipping costs section, select I'll enter fixed costs manually.
  5. Set the locations you ship to, then enter 0.00 as the shipping cost for locations where you'd like to offer free shipping.
  6. Name your shipping profile in the Profile name field.
  7. Click Create profile.

Learn more about manual shipping profiles.


Calculated shipping profiles

Note: Calculated shipping is only available to US and Canadian sellers.

With calculated shipping, you can enable a "free shipping" option for international and domestic buyers. Shoppers will see this option in their cart as they check out.

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping settings

2.) Edit an existing shipping profile, or scroll down and click Add a shipping profile.

3.) In the Free shipping field, check the boxes where you want to offer free shipping.

Learn more about calculated shipping profiles.

Manage shipping profiles from the Listings page

You can also manage free shipping settings for manual and calculated shipping from the Listings section of your Shop Manager.

1.) Go to Shop Manager > Listings and select the listings you want to edit.

2.) Scroll down and edit the Shipping section to include free shipping.

3.) Save your changes.

For more tips on how to run free shipping promotions for your shop, check out the Etsy Seller Handbook.

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