The Shop Manager

We’ve introduced Shop Manager, a new feature that centralizes all of your selling tools into one hub. Our goal with this change is to make it easier to get to all your Etsy tools, saving you time online so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Here's how to get to some of your important tools:

Destination How to get there
Your public shop Select Etsy under Sales Channels at the bottom left.
Add a listing Listings > Add a listing (at the top right)
Etsy bill Finances > Your bill
Payment account Finances > Payment account
Payment methods, currency, sales tax, and address settings Finances > Payment settings
Shopping engine ads Settings > Shopping engine ads
Vacation mode Settings > Options > Vacation Mode
Shipping profiles, package preferences, and rates and upgrades Settings > Shipping settings
Shipping labels Orders > View shipping labels (at the top left)
Manage your production partners Settings > Production partners
Earn free listings You can get to this page here.
Reviews Go to your public shop by selecting your shop name under Sales Channels on the left. Then, select Reviews or scroll down to your Reviews section.
Etsy marketplace Select Shop Manager at the top left and choose Etsy Marketplace.
Sign out Select your name at the bottom left and choose Sign out.


What’s new

  • A search feature at the top left that you can use to search within listings, orders, conversations, and Help articles, as well as items for sale on Etsy under the Etsy Marketplace tab. 
  • An arrow at the bottom left to collapse Shop Manager

The Dashboard revamped

In addition to the revamped navigation, you’ll see a few new features on your shop Dashboard when you first visit your Shop Manager.

Shop Advisor

This tool provides reminders about notable things in your shop that might need attention, such as a listing that's about to expire, an overdue bill, or a new case. We'll also deliver education and other information to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Recent activity

This feed shows your recent shop and listing favorites, incoming orders, and new reviews. You can filter your feed to narrow in on the most relevant information.

Search functionality

A Shop Manager search tool will allow you to quickly search the contents of your shop—your listings, orders, convos, etc.—as well as the Etsy marketplace, all at once.

Sales channels

In addition to your Etsy shop, if you sell on Pattern or the newly announced Etsy Studio, you can access all of those channels in this section.

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