Pattern Buyer Experience

Pattern is designed to put your brand and products in the spotlight. The only Etsy branding on your website is in the footer, titled Powered by Etsy.

Here’s what the buying experience will look like for customers on your Pattern site.

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Language and currency settings

The language a buyer sees on a Pattern site is determined by their browser settings, and we display translations when available.

A buyer's IP address determines what shop currency they will see on your Pattern site, but you will still be paid in the currency your shop is registered in.

Learn more about languages and translations on Pattern.


Anyone visiting your Pattern site can select the Contact us link in the footer to open up a window with an email form. They can enter their email address and type a message, and then enter a Captcha before submitting. Buyers don't need to have an Etsy account to send a message.

This message appears in your Etsy Messages inbox and you can reply just as you normally would. Messages from your Pattern site will be marked with a Pattern tag. Buyers will receive your response in their email inbox, and they’ll be able to reply directly to the message.


When your buyer begins the checkout process, they'll see a link to sign in to their Etsy account. If a buyer is purchasing a physical listing, they will have the ability to check out as a guest. If a buyer is purchasing a digital listing, they will need to sign up for an Etsy account before being able to check out.

Learn more about guest checkout on your Pattern site.

Payment Methods

At this time, buyers can pay via debit card, credit card, or PayPal. The following payment methods are not currently available for Pattern sites:

  • Sofort
  • Ideal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Other
  • Money Orders
  • Checks

After a purchase

Both signed-in and guest buyers will receive an email confirmation and receipt. These will also be co-branded, so the buyer knows they ordered from your Pattern site. If your guest buyer wants to create an account at this point, they can do so by clicking the order number in their receipt.

If you have the Message to Buyers feature enabled in your Etsy shop, we’ll include it in the order confirmation email for Pattern purchases.

To manage or add a message:

  1. Sign in to and go to Shop Manager
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Info and appearance.
  4. Scroll down to the Message to Buyers field.
  5. Select Save Changes.

If a buyer has an Etsy account and checked out as a guest, they can select the order number in their receipt and sign in to Etsy from there. Once the buyer is signed in, the order will be linked to their account and will appear on their Purchases and reviews page.

If a buyer has a problem with their order

If the buyer has a problem with their order, and you’re unable to assist them, they can open a case on Etsy.

Learn about how to solve a dispute with a buyer.

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