What is Pattern?

Pattern is an easy way to set up your own website for your brand, in addition to your Etsy shop. A website can give your business more exposure and help you reach new potential buyers outside of the Etsy marketplace. With Pattern, you’ll have access to a variety of tools that help you reach new buyers while strengthening your brand.

Pattern is an additional channel for your business. It does not replace your existing Etsy shop. If you choose to set up a website, we’ll automatically import most content and inventory from your shop. From there, you’ll be able to customize it for your site. Any changes you make on Pattern won’t affect your Etsy shop.


It’s free to test out Pattern features and design a custom website. If you publish your website, you’ll begin a 30-day trial. After the free trial period is over, your Pattern subscription will begin and you'll see a $15.00 USD charge on your Payment account each month, plus tax where it applies. Note that you will see this USD charge amount converted to your currency if your Payment account is based in another currency. You can cancel Pattern at any time.

Read more about fees for selling on Etsy here.


A domain can be a helpful tool in promoting your website and creating a unique brand identity. You have the option to register a new domain directly from the Pattern Dashboard, or you can point an existing domain you’ve registered for your brand to your website. If you don’t want to register a domain, you’re welcome to use the default Pattern domain assigned to your website.

Learn more about your domain options here.

Additional features

We’ll import all content and inventory from your Etsy shop, but you’ll be able to customize most of it for your website. Here are some features and customization options available for Pattern:

  • Customized content: Edit your Home or About page using the Website Editor on the Pattern Dashboard. Add optional Contact, Gallery, and Events pages and select fonts and colors that reflect your brand. To learn more about the Website Editor, check out this Help article.

  • Custom inventory for your site: Use the Listings section of your Shop Manager to choose which listings you want to display on your website. You also have the option to create Pattern-only listings. This Help article talks more about listing options for your site.
  • Marketing resources: Set announcements, create a custom email address, and manage integrations with MailChimp, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Pinterest. Learn more.
  • Blog functionality: Keep your buyers informed on the latest updates in your shop by drafting blog posts for your website. Learn more about setting this up for your site.
  • Tools for domain management: Register a new domain, set records for existing domains, or point your domain to a different site. Click here to learn how domains work with your website.

  • Etsy buyer reviews: Reviews buyers have left for Etsy.com purchases appear on your Pattern site.

Pattern also provides educational resources to help you grow your business.

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