How to Use Saved Replies in Messages

To use a pre-written reply to a message from a buyer:

  1. Place your cursor in the message textbox at the place where you want to add the reply.
  2. Click Saved replies below the textbox, or choose one of the frequently-used replies displayed there.
  3. Click a category (like Shipping or Orders) to view the replies in that category.
  4. Click the reply that you’d like to add to the message.
  5. Fill in any placeholder text (like ‘[link]’ or ‘[time]’) with the necessary information.
  6. Click Send.

What are saved replies?

Saved replies are pre-written messages. You can use them to respond when a buyer sends a question or comment that you receive frequently. Instead of typing a full response to each time, you can choose and re-use a saved reply from your library.

We’ve written some standard replies for popular questions and organized them into categories in your saved reply library. You can choose from these, and you can also create your own replies and categories.

Using a Saved Reply can also get your buyer a response in a timely manner, which can increase your chances of becoming a Star Seller.

How do I create a saved reply?

To create a new saved reply, begin by viewing a message from the Inbox of your Messages page:

  1. Click Saved replies below the message textbox.
  2. On the Saved replies page, click Add new.
  3. Click Saved reply.
  4. Type a title for the reply into the Title textbox.
  5. Type the reply into the Message textbox.
  6. Choose a Category from the dropdown menu or Create a new category.
  7. Click Save.

You don’t have to send the reply you’ve created.

Keep your messages personalized

Saved replies can help answer common questions, but it's important to maintain that personal touch in your messages.

Saved Replies aren’t intended for mass communication. Sending too many messages too quickly may auto-disable your messages. Please review our policies for more information.

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