Saved Snippets for Conversations

The saved snippets tool helps you quickly respond to conversations by storing your commonly used text for you to use in future communication.

To use this feature, look for the Saved Snippets button at the bottom right corner of the text box when replying to a conversation. When creating a new conversation, the button will appear on the upper right. Click this button to see a dropdown menu where you'll have options to name and save your current text (or "snippet").

How to save, edit, and delete snippets

Compose the text you'd like to save in a conversation text box and click the snippets icon. Then enter a name for your snippet and click Save this snippet. You do not need to send the conversation to save the text. 

Once you save a snippet, it will show up as an option to include in future conversations.

Edit the snippet (a pencil icon) or delete the snippet (a trashcan icon) by clicking the snippet icon.

How to add snippets to your conversation

If you’ve already included some custom text in your current conversation, place your cursor where you’d like to include a snippet and click your chosen snippet name from the dropdown menu. You’ll see your snippet populate where your cursor was placed. Feel free to edit and customize the text before sending.

You can save 10 snippets at a time. You can always delete the one you aren’t using to make room for a new snippet.

Keep your conversations personalized

Snippets can help answer common questions, but it's important to maintain that personal touch in your messages.

Snippets aren’t intended for mass communication. Sending too many messages too quickly may auto-disable your conversations. Please review our policies for more information.


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