Rearrange Items in Your Shop

As long as your shop is open to the public and you have more than one listing for sale, you can change the order of how your listings are arranged.

Go to Shop Manager, click the pencil icon next to your shop name under Sales Channels, and click Rearrange items.

Drag and drop the listings in order which you’d like them to appear, then click Exit rearrange mode.

There are also text fields at the top right of your listing images where you can manually enter the position numbers of your listings. When you hit enter on your keyboard, the listing will move to the position number you entered and the rest of your listings will move down.

To move listings between pages, click on the Move to page dropdown menu on the individual listing. The menu options will change depending on the number of listings you have. For example, if you have more than two pages of listings, you will see Move to first page or Move to last page.

When listings are renewed, they'll go back to their custom location. New listings go to the top of your shop.

It could take up to 10 minutes for your listings to rearrange on your public shop homepage.

You can also rearrange on the Sell on Etsy app:

  • In the app can tap an item in place instead of dragging it. In the app, tap More > Settings > Shop Settings and scroll down to Rearrange your shop.

Get the Sell on Etsy app for Android or iOS.

Note: If you have a Pattern by Etsy site, items there will appear in the same order as your shop.

To disable your custom arrangement, go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options and select Disabled under Rearrange Your Shop.

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