Creating or Joining an Event on Etsy Local

Etsy Local connects buyers with Etsy sellers who are participating in fairs and markets in their area. Buyers can shop from sellers in person, supporting both the Etsy community and their own local economies.

Be sure to review the policy for Etsy Local in Etsy's Community Policy.

Important note: Etsy is not affiliated with these events unless otherwise stated. Please make sure to reach out to the event organizer if you have not yet applied to be a vendor for a specific event. Joining an event on does not guarantee your spot as a vendor.


Create an event

Join an event

Edit or delete an event


Create an event

Go to and click Create Event. From here you will be prompted to add the following event details:

  • Event name

  • Date(s)

  • Location

  • Description

  • Homepage

To manage your events:

  1. Go to Shop Manager and click the pencil icon next to your shop name under Sales Channels.

  2. Scroll down to the Local section and select Tell buyers where you're selling in person.

Once you’ve successfully filled in all the required details and have saved your entries, you will be taken to the event page. We'll display all events that you're attending on your shop’s homepage in the Local section.

Important note: Etsy is not affiliated with any of the events listed unless otherwise stated.

Note: Venue suggestions are provided by Foursquare. If your venue isn’t appearing on the list, it may not be in Foursquare’s database yet. Learn how to add your venue to Foursquare.


Join an event

It’s likely that an event you're trying to create already exists on Etsy Local. If we find a match in our database as you’re filling in the event details, we'll ask if you would like to add yourself to the existing event.

  1. To see if your event already exists, use the browse tool on the top of the Etsy Local page to select the city and time frame of your event.

  2. If you find the event, click on it and then click I’m Participating.

  3. Specify what days and times you’ll be at the event.

You can also leave a message for buyers about what you’ll be selling or where they can find you (table or booth location, for example). After completing the required fields, you’ll receive confirmation that you successfully added yourself to the event, and you'll see how the page will appear to buyers. You'll also have the option to share this event with buyers.


Edit or delete an event

To edit an event you created, click on the event and then click Edit Event in the bottom left corner. Be sure to save your changes!

If you'd like to edit any of the venue information provided automatically by Foursquare, you'll need a Foursquare account. Learn more.

At this time, it’s not possible to delete an event from Etsy Local. Events added to Etsy Local will remain on the site until the event’s end date has passed.

If you need to remove an event from Etsy Local, get in touch with Etsy Support. Click Contact us at the bottom of this page.

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