How to Report Intellectual Property Infringement

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Report suspected intellectual property infringement using Etsy’s Reporting Portal. You must be the owner of the property or authorized to report on behalf of the owner of the property.

If you believe a seller infringed upon an intellectual property owned by you or someone you represent, we recommend contacting the seller to try to resolve the issue. Learn how to contact a shop on Etsy.

If you cannot reach an agreement with the seller, you can report suspected intellectual property infringement to Etsy.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Intellectual Property and review Etsy’s Intellectual Property Policy, which covers allegations of intellectual property infringement, including copyright, trademark, and patent infringement.

How do I report suspected intellectual property infringement?

To submit a report, use the Etsy Reporting Portal. Register for the portal, add an intellectual property, and create a report.

You must be the owner of the property or authorized to report on behalf of the owner of the property. The portal is currently in US English only but is accessible anywhere in the world.

  1. Visit Etsy’s Reporting Portal.
  2. If you have an Etsy account, sign in and choose Continue as your email. If you don’t have an Etsy account, choose Sign Up or Register your brand to create one.*
  3. Choose who owns the rights to the property. If you’re authorized to report on behalf of an employer or organization, you’ll be asked to upload a letter of authorization later when you add an intellectual property.
  4. Add information about yourself and/or your company.
  5. Choose Continue and Let’s do this.

*If you’re an Etsy seller reporting suspected infringement of your own property, please sign in with your shop’s account. Otherwise, if you already have an Etsy account but would like to use a separate email and account for reporting, you’re welcome to create a new Etsy account using a different email address.

  1. Open the Intellectual Properties tab.
  2. If this is your first time adding a property, choose Get started. Otherwise, choose Intellectual Properties at the top and then Add a property.
  3. Choose what type of property it is.
  4. Select Add property.
  5. Choose Add property owner to add a new owner, or choose from the dropdown of previously added owners.
  6. If you’re representing the property owner, select Choose file to upload a letter of authorization.
  7. Select Add IP owner.
  8. If applicable, add a URL to a website that shows the property in use.
  9. Add the name or title of the property.
  10. Fill in or select further details about the property, depending on its type.
  11. Choose Add property.

If you’ve uploaded a letter of authorization, we’ll verify it quickly. In the meantime, you’re welcome to begin drafting a report, which you can submit once we’ve verified the authorization.

You can view and make changes to your property under the Intellectual Properties tab by selecting a property and choosing Edit or Delete.

  1. Select the Reports tab.
  2. If this is your first report, choose Get started. Otherwise, choose Create a report.
  3. Select the property owner and choose Begin report.
  4. Add a Report name for your reference. A timestamp is auto filled but you can change it if you like.
  5. Choose the Intellectual Property owner from the dropdown menu.
  6. Choose the property that this report covers.
  7. Select Create & add listings.
  8. Search Etsy for listings to report. This searches all of Etsy.
  9. Select any listings and choose Add to report. You can also choose Upload multiple listings and add listing IDs or URLs. The listing ID is the number that appears in a listing URL.
  10. Select Review & submit.
  11. Review and choose Submit report.

Once you submit the report, you’ll receive an email confirmation. We’ll also send you an email notification with the outcome of your report.

How to see the status of your report

You can see the status of your report in the Etsy Reporting Portal. Choose Reports at the top and view the Status column.

Select View report to see the submission and any updates. Once we review the report, you can see more information about the outcome, including any removed listings.

In accordance with our Intellectual Property Policy, if the report complies with our policies, we will remove the reported content and contact the affected members.

What if the seller files a DMCA counter notice?

If you submit a report of copyright infringement, the sellers you report have the option to file a DMCA counter notice. Please read our DMCA counter notice policy. If a counter notice is filed, you may want to try working this out with the other party directly or speak with an attorney about this. When we receive a counter notice that contains all of the information required under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and complies with our policies, Etsy must process it in accordance with our Intellectual Property Policy

Etsy is unable to make legal determinations on infringement allegations or take sides in these matters. 

The information contained on this page constitutes information and not legal advice. The reader assumes all responsibility for any and all use of this information. Please consult an attorney for specific questions. This page may be updated periodically.

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