Getting Featured on Etsy

Etsy features sellers and shops in our marketing channels to show shoppers the best of Etsy. With many brilliant, unique shops on Etsy, we aren’t able to feature everyone. However, we hope that we’ll be able to feature you!

Sellers don't submit their items to us to be considered. Instead, Etsy's Merchandising team searches Etsy for items and shops to feature. When searching for shops to feature, we look for:

Learn how to increase your chances of getting featured on Etsy.

Shops offering items that meet our Seller Policy

Among the most important parts of Etsy’s Seller Policy is ensuring that your items meet our Handmade, Vintage, and Craft Supply policies. These are the only three types of items that qualify for sale on Etsy, so featured sellers must list items that fall under at least one of these categories.

On Etsy, the term “handmade” encompasses a spectrum of practices by makers and designers. Learn more about handmade items on Etsy

Sellers that share their shop’s story and operate transparently

Fill out your About section and make sure your shop policies are accurate and up-to-date. 

Being transparent also means disclosing any production partners you may work with and being clear about where you items are shipping from. Providing an accurate Ships from location is required by our Shipping Policy.

Shops with original content

As a venue for artists, designers, and makers, Etsy takes intellectual property rights very seriously. 

Our Terms of Use and Seller Policy require that members don’t infringe or violate  copyright, trademark, patent, or other rights such as the right of publicity. If Etsy receives a notice from a rights owner that content on Etsy is allegedly infringing, we comply with our Intellectual Property Policy by removing the content. 

If you’re not sure your use of someone else’s intellectual property, name, or likeness is appropriate, you may want to ask the rights owner directly or consult with an attorney.

Shops with items mindful of a global buyer community

As a company with buyers and sellers of all backgrounds and cultures around the world, we consider whether items use terms or imagery that could be viewed as culturally inappropriate or offensive, regardless of the shop’s location.

Read our Prohibited Items Policy and our article on Native American Crafts for additional information.

Shops in compliance with our Medical Drug Claims Policy

Medical drug claims imply that an item can prevent, treat, or heal a medical condition or disease. Listings with certain medical claims are not permitted on Etsy.

Read our Medical Drug Claims Policy for more information.

Shops following our Profanity and other Mature Content policies

Listings containing mature content or profanity are permitted to be sold in the marketplace if they are listed, tagged, and censored appropriately.

Learn more about how to appropriately list profanity and mature content on Etsy in our Mature Content Policy.

Shops meeting our Service Level Standards

The Etsy community relies on its sellers to provide consistently excellent customer service. To protect the integrity of the marketplace and ensure that buyers can purchase on Etsy with confidence, you must follow our Service Level Standards.

Increase your chances

If your shop meets the requirements in this article, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting featured on Etsy.

Make sure your photos are as great as they can be

We just can't stress this point enough! Learn how to make your photos ready for publicity.

Be an active part of the Etsy community

Being active on Etsy can help more people find out about you. For instance, take part in a team. You can also request a critique from other experienced sellers to help make your shop feature-ready. 

Add a listing video

Listing videos are an eye-catching way to give shoppers a deeper appreciation for the size, look and feel of your item. Learn how to add a listing video.

Optimize your tags and titles

Titles and tags make it easier for people to find you and your items. Learn about getting found in search results.

Become a Star Seller

Star Sellers will also have increased chances of being featured in Etsy marketing to buyers. Being a Star Seller means that you are consistently delivering an excellent customer experience. Learn more about Star Seller.

Sign up for seller emails 

Etsy provides tips and important information for sellers through our email lists. We recommend you sign up for all of them so you don’t miss out on any tips that can help you succeed. Learn how to subscribe to Etsy emails.

Other ways to feature your items

Etsy offers a variety of different ways to help promote your listings and build your brand online, even if you don't get featured on Etsy. For example, investing in advertising can help grow your business and connect you with buyers on Etsy and around the web. Learn more about how advertising can help your shop.

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