Using Pattern in Global Markets

Pattern allows you to create a customized website for your business and reach potential buyers outside of the Etsy marketplace. We’ll automatically import content and listings from your Etsy shop, but you’ll be able to customize it for your website. This article outlines some common questions Pattern users might have about selling their products to buyers in other countries.

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Note: Pattern is only available to sellers who have Etsy Payments enabled.

European Union (EU) buyer information

Transparency about your business

Your Pattern site's policies will be the same as your Etsy shop policies. If you've filled out all of the required information within your shop policies, your Pattern site will be in compliance with EU consumer laws. This means that the necessary contact details will be displayed for all users accessing the site from IP addresses within the EU.

Note: It is a seller’s responsibility to fill out all required information within their shop policies. For more information about selling to EU buyers, check out this Help article.

European Union Cookie Law

Pattern sites comply with the EU Cookie Law, and a banner notification informing the user about the use of cookies on the site, information collected, and how it will be used will be displayed for all users accessing the site from IP addresses within the European Union.

Value Added Tax (VAT) information

VAT works the same for items purchased from Pattern sites as it does in your Etsy shop. This Help article has more information about VAT.

EU Data Protection Laws

All sellers selling into the EU are required to comply with EU data protection laws. A lot of other countries outside the US have also adopted data protection laws that are similar to the European approach, so if you sell internationally these rules are good to follow.

One EU requirement is that sellers display an appropriate privacy policy on their Pattern site, which they can do through their shop policies. It is a seller’s responsibility to fill out the required information within their shop policies and to ensure that information relevant to a given seller is provided.

Shop policies

Your Pattern site’s policies will be the same as your Etsy shop policies. If you're using the simple shop policies template, your policies will be localized to the country a buyer is located in for our supported local markets.

Language settings and translations

We determine the language setting for visitors to your website based on their browser settings. If we have automatic translations available for the language that matches a buyer’s browser settings, we’ll display your listing content in that language.

In order for automatic translations to display on your site for international visitors, you must have this setting turned on in your shop settings. To control whether your listings are automatically translated:

  1. Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options.
  2. Under Automatic Listing Translation, choose to enable or disable.
  3. Click Save.

If auto-translate is enabled on Pattern and you list your items in multiple languages on Etsy, we’ll show your own translations for those languages. Enroll in a new language by clicking Manage languages on this page: Shop Manager > Settings > Languages and translations.

You're also welcome to disable auto-translate in your Pattern settings. This Help article explains how.

Translation options may vary depending on the content you customize for your website. If you create Pattern-only listings, they will be eligible for manual and automatic translations on your site.

We won’t automatically translate content on your site if:

  • you customize your listing titles or descriptions for Pattern.
  • you change your Website name from the Pattern Dashboard.
  • you change your headline or story on Pattern.


We display currency for every visitor to your Pattern site based on their IP address. This includes your own visits to your Pattern site.

Your Etsy currency settings do not determine the currency you see on Pattern—it is solely determined by IP address. However, this doesn't affect the currency you will be paid in. That will remain consistent with your shop’s default currency setting on Etsy.

Shop name

In your Etsy shop, your shop name cannot include special characters. However, if you edit your shop name on your Pattern site, special characters are permitted. Learn more about changing your shop name on Pattern.

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