DaWanda and Etsy

With the recent announcement that DaWanda will be closing in the upcoming months, Etsy wanted to help make it easy for both new and existing sellers to transition to Etsy.


To help with this transition Etsy has created an import tool to help you import your active listings and the reviews you received as a seller from DaWanda to Etsy.


We’ve also provided an extensive list of FAQ’s which you can find below that we hope will answer any questions you might have.  


Questions about importing


How do I access the import tool?

Visit the welcome page for DaWanda sellers and click on the button “Join Etsy” to open an Etsy shop. Or, if you already have a shop, log into your existing Etsy shop. After you log in, you’ll be led directly to the importer tool.


What can be imported with the import tool and what can not?

The import tool will allow you to transfer all active listings from your DaWanda shop, as well as your shop rating information over to your Etsy shop.


Your product listings will be imported as drafts and you can then decide one by one which listings you’d like to publish right away, or later on.


The following elements of your product listings will be transferred:

  • Images
  • Titles
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Translations (incl. Titles, Tags, Descriptions)
  • Product Category
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Amount/Availability
  • Shipping Information (Shipping profile and Shipping cost for different destinations)
  • Product type (digital or physical)


The imported rating information will include

  • Your aggregated rating average
  • The number of review left by customers on your DaWanda shop

The transfer will not include the text of reviews left by customers.

The imported rating average will flow into your Etsy shop.

If you already have an Etsy store with reviews, the imported reviews will be included there for 12 months


Am I required to use the import tool?

No: you will, of course, be able to open an Etsy shop independently and list products there. Please be aware, however, that you will only be able to take advantage of the free listing credits and the rating information transfer if you use our import tool.


How long will I be able to use the import tool?

The import tool will be available until EOD 30.8. 2018. We recommend starting the import with our import tool right away so that you’ll immediately be able to inform your existing buyer base where they’ll be able to find you in the future


Listing and Review Questions


What should i do If I already have an Etsy shop with active listings?


We recommend using the import tool to import your active DaWanda inventory to take full advantage of our free automated import:


  1. You’ll be able to import your your rating info from DaWanda.
  2. You will receive one free listing credited to your Etsy account for each active listing on DaWanda at the time the import is started. You’ll be able to see the amount of free listing credits left at all times in your Etsy Shop Manager.
  3. Through the import the system will recognise the connection between your DaWanda and your Etsy shops, which means that if a buyer searches for your DaWanda shop they will automatically be redirected to your Etsy shop.


What happens if I don’t want to move over all my listings?

We recommend importing active listings from DaWanda into your Etsy shop: If there are some listings that you don’t want to publish immediately, you’ll be able to save them for potential publication at a later time. You’ll also receive a free listing credit for each active DaWanda listing at the time of import.


My digital items weren’t migrated over correctly.

Etsy’s import tool does not have access to digital files on DaWanda, so all digital listings have been imported to Etsy as physical listings with the shipping costs set to free. You can update your listings to digital ones and upload files for instant download by editing your listings.


My listing import failed. What do I do?

There are a few common reasons why a listings import might have failed:


  • Your items are in the “Services” category on DaWanda. Services cannot be sold on Etsy, so service listings cannot be imported.
  • Your items may be in a prohibited category and cannot be sold on Etsy. Review our Prohibited Items policy here for more information: https://www.etsy.com/legal/prohibited
  • Your Etsy and DaWanda shop languages do not match. 
  • Your item is outside of our allowed price range. Please ensure that your items are at least 0.20 USD but less than 50,000 USD.
  • Something went wrong on our side. Please retry your import.


If you’ve double-checked the above, retried your import, and the import is still failing, please reach out to our support team here.


I don’t think I received the correct number of free listing credits.

You should have received one free listing credit for every listing that was active in your DaWanda shop when you started your listing import, even if we weren’t able to import that listing to Etsy (e.g, Service listings). You will not receive free listing credits for any DaWanda listings that were paused or in draft mode when you started your import. If you add listings to your DaWanda shop after starting the import, those listings cannot be imported and you will not receive free listing credits for those items.


How long will I have to use up my free listing credits?

You must import your existing DaWanda inventory to Etsy using Etsy’s import tool on or before 31 August, 2018 to receive one free listing credit for every active listing in your DaWanda shop at the time of import. The listings will be imported in draft mode. A free listing credit will be used only when a listing is published. The free listing credits must be used before they expire on 31 December 2018.


Can I import my actual review texts and not just an aggregate?

The import from DaWanda includes the aggregated overall average rating, as well as the # of ratings received. The review text left by buyers will not be imported to your Etsy shop.


My review import failed. What do I do?

It’s likely that Etsy was having trouble connecting to DaWanda when you tried to import your reviews. Please retry your import.


I have more reviews on DaWanda than what was imported to Etsy. What happened?

Etsy will only import reviews you received from buyers for orders placed in your DaWanda shop. We won’t import reviews that sellers have left for you as a buyer.


If I add listings or receive new reviews after starting the import process, can I import those new listings / reviews over?

Once you’ve started to import your listings or reviews, any new listings you create or new reviews you receive on DaWanda will not be available to import to Etsy via our import tool.


Will the imported review rating have an impact on my ranking in the Etsy search?

Your Etsy overall rating shows the average of all star ratings received during the past 12 months, based on the date each rating was received. The imported overall average star rating you received from buyers in your DaWanda shop will be taken into consideration for the calculation of your Etsy star rating score for the 12 months following the import.


Additional Questions


Am I required to set up a new Etsy Shop?

Yes — if you don’t have an Etsy shop already, please get started by setting one up. If you already have an Etsy shop you can simply log in, and then start the import process. Visit the welcome page for DaWanda sellers and follow the steps to import your shop information.

Will my DaWanda shop be closed automatically once I move over to Etsy?
No, your DaWanda shop will remain open and you'll be able to continue selling through your DaWanda shop up until 30 August 2018. 

Will there be any costs for moving my shop over to Etsy?

If you use the import tool to transfer your inventory and rating information, the transfer will be completely free. You will receive a free listing credit for every active listing in your existing DaWanda inventory.

All DaWanda listings will be imported as drafts and you have until 30.12.2018 to decide if you’d like to use your free listing credits to publish your imported listings, or if you’d like to put up entirely new listings.

After you’ve used up all of your free listing credits, these fees for selling on Etsy will apply.

What do I do if my DaWanda shop name isn’t available?

When setting up your Etsy shop, we recommend selecting the same shop / brand name for your shop as the one you used on DaWanda. If this name is no longer available, we recommend selecting an alternative from the options suggested by the Etsy system that your buyers will be able to recognise.

By using the import tool, the system will connect your DaWanda and Etsy shops, which means that if a buyer searches for your DaWanda shop they will automatically be redirected to your Etsy shop.

How will my DaWanda buyers find me on Etsy?

  • If possible, select the same name for your Etsy shop that you had on DaWanda. Should the name not be available anymore try alternatives that your buyers will recognise.
  • Download the printable Etsy shop move template complete it with fill your Etsy shop info and add it to your DaWanda orders.
  • Add a note to your buyers to your DaWanda highlighted shop news pointing them to your new Etsy shop.
  • Promote your new Etsy shop on your social channels
  • Starting from 31.08.2018 all visitors to your DaWanda shop URL will automatically be  redirected to your Etsy shop.

Which external legal services can I use for my Etsy shop and how do I use them?

Currently, the following services are compatible with Etsy shops:

  • IT Rechts Kanzlei
  • Händlerbund
  • Onwalt

Please contact those services directly for more information on how to use them.

Which inventory management tools can I use with Etsy?

The following inventory management tools can currently be integrated with an Etsy Shop:

  • Billbee
  • Magnalister
  • Plentymarkets

From fall 2018, integrations with the following services will become available:

  • Dreamrobot
  • Unicorn2

If you currently use a different inventory management tool, we recommend checking under Etsy Apps if an integration is already available.

Can I contact my buyers to let them know I’ve now moved over to Etsy?

Absolutely! We’d love if you could tell your existing buyers that your shop is now available on Etsy, and tell them how to find you there. You can do this through channels where you have gotten the buyers’ permission to send them messages like this, such as via your existing relationships with buyers, the Etsy messaging system, or your own social channels. We’ve also created a free printable template that is available for download. You can complete this template with your Etsy shop URL and include it with any orders.

How are you going to let DaWanda buyers know that they should now go to Etsy?

DaWanda will be using on-site banners and reach out proactively to buyers to encourage them to register for Etsy accounts.

Germany is one of Etsy’s core geographic markets. We’ll continue to invest in marketing and initiatives that elevate the Etsy brand in Germany, which we believe will help further attract buyers and sellers within the country.

What if I don’t necessarily want the more global audience that Etsy offers. Do I now have to sell to buyers internationally?

We realize that sellers have many different business goals and that some would like to limit their sales to buyers in their country. If you only wish to offer your items in specific countries, you can indicate this preference in your listings, so that only transactions from buyers with mailing addresses in those regions will be processed.

Will DaWanda seller and buyer accounts work on Etsy or do buyers need to create new accounts?

Buyers and sellers will need to create separate Etsy accounts, but we are working to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Buyers can purchase items using Guest Checkout, so they have the option of completing a purchase without creating an account if they wish.

I’m in Poland and would prefer that my shop currency be PLN. Why can’t I select PLN?

Etsy Payments doesn’t support PLN as a currency yet, so Polish sellers will need to select another currency (we recommend EUR) in order to accept Etsy Payments in their shops, and to be able to take full advantage of the benefits and protections of Etsy Payments.

Can existing Polish sellers using PLN continue to do so?

Existing sellers who are currently using PLN as a shop currency can continue to do so, but will not have access to Etsy Payments unless they switch their shop currency to a supported currency like EUR.


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