Information for Team Captains and Leaders about improvements to Etsy’s community spaces

We’re updating our community spaces to make it easier to connect with other sellers, grow your creative business, and keep up with the latest Etsy news.


Quick guide to updated Etsy Teams features for Captains and Leaders

Learn about general improvements for team members.



New Teams Experience

Old Teams Experience

Team Captain and Leader resource page

Education about participating in and organizing Etsy Teams

Workshops and Ultimate Guides you can use with your Team

Branding tool kit

Etsy program opportunities

Communicate with your members

Pin discussions to top of group message board


Larger announcement section on right side of Team

Announcement on top of group

Message Members button to contact all team members

Option to turn discussion into a message to be sent to some members

Grow your Team

Captains, Leaders, and members can invite others to join your Team

Add structured information to your Team to improve search, replacing member-generated tags

Member-generated tags only


Edit Team details


Moderate discussions reported by members


Delete discussion threads


More capabilities for Leaders, who can now take any action that Captains can (only Captains retain the Captain designation)

Leaders had limited capability

Both Captains and Leaders can appoint more leaders

Only Captains could appoint more leaders

What’s changing about your Etsy Team

Please see the Site Update for all the highlights on the improvements in the works. No action is required. Read on for more details about the logistics of transitioning to the new spaces.

  • All Etsy Teams with at least one discussion since November 2016 will be available in the new community space. This migration will include:
    • Team name
    • Leadership roles
    • All discussion threads
    • Members
    • ‘About this team’ and ‘Who can join’ descriptions
    • Whether your team is open for anyone to join or membership is by-approval only
    • Each team member’s shop name, Etsy avatar, and (if provided) first and last name 
  • While we are migrating the majority of your team’s content, there are three things that will not available once the improved community spaces go live:
    • Your team logo will not be automatically transitioned. Team Captains or Leaders can upload their group’s team logo image once the new community spaces are live. Team logos should be a minimum of 200 x 150px. A placeholder team logo is automatically provided if you do not upload an image.
    • Previously deleted threads will no longer be accessible, and any deleted threads in the future will not be saved.
    • If you have set up a question for new members to answer, their answers will not be saved and the question will not appear to future people trying to join. We are exploring how we might include this feature as part of our ongoing improvements to the new community space, and we will keep everyone posted about any developments.
  • Other changes to be aware of:
    • In the new community, you will see a person’s shop name, and can view their first and last name (if available) by clicking their shop name. You will still be able to visit a person’s store on Etsy by clicking their shop name.
    • There will still be the option to make your group open (anyone can join) or closed (members must request and be approved to join), but there will no longer be an option to hide your team completely and make it invite-only.
    • There will no longer be an option to download a CSV file of your team’s  members.
    • There will no longer be a way to search for people within your list of Team members.
    • If your Team is set to by-approval, you will find new member requests by clicking on your list of members and then clicking on Requests. You will not receive a notification.
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