What is Search Analytics?

Search analytics shows you how people find your shop in search on Etsy.com. With search analytics, you can see which search queries lead people to your shop, and how many sales come from those searches.

Search analytics is currently in beta. We’ll continue to make improvements to this page based on your feedback.

How to use search analytics

To use search analytics:

  1. Sign in to Etsy.com.
  2. Click the Shop Manager icon.
  3. Click Marketing.
  4. Click Search analytics.
  5. Select what timeframe you’d like to look at. You can choose specific days, months, or entire years.
  6. Review your search analytics.

Note: Data in search analytics doesn’t include traffic from Etsy Ads.

See the main drivers of sales

You can review what affected your sales for the timeframe you chose:

  • Visits to your shop: How many times shoppers browsed your shop during this timeframe
  • Visits that resulted in a sale: The percent of visits that led to an order within this timeframe
  • Average order value: The average value of the orders from that the people who purchased from your shop within this timeframe
  • Total earnings: The gross revenue of your shop made from the people who ordered from your shop within this timeframe

If your shop has been open for at least a year, you can see how your data has changed compared to the same timeframe last year.

Review search queries that led to your listings

Under Your listings appeared in # searches, you can see the search queries that led people to your listings and data for each search query:

  • Search query: The search query is the exact wording that someone searched on Etsy.com. Shopper may have seen your listings in the search results.
  • Impressions: How many times shoppers saw your listings for this query.
  • Position: The average place your listings appear in search results for this query.
  • Visits: The total number of times shoppers browsed your shop. “Browsing” means that a shopper viewed your listings and shop.
  • Visits per impression: The percent of times a person saw your listing in search and visited your shop.
  • Orders: The total number of orders from shoppers who found your shop through this search query.
  • Conversion rate: The percent of visits from this search query that resulted in a sale.
  • Revenue: Your gross earnings from shoppers who found your listing through this search query and ordered an item. This is the revenue for the entire order.
  • Average order value: The average amount paid for orders from shoppers who found your shop through this search query.
  • Listings: The number of your listings that appeared in the search results for this query.

How to filter your results

Click Filter data to filter your results. Click the column name to select or deselect it.

How to sort your results

Click the title of a column to sort by that column. Click the title once to sort from largest to smallest or A to Z, or twice to sort from smallest to largest or Z to A.

How to view details about your listings

To view details about your listings, click the number under Listings to see the impressions, position, visits, conversion rate, and revenue for each listing. You can also see the tags and part of the listing title that matched your listing to this search query.

What’s different from the Stats page?

We’ve updated the way we calculate data about search. You may see some differences between the values in search analytics and what you see in your Stats.

Learn more about the changes in search analytics.

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