What to Do If You Notice a Drop in Sales

A drop in visits to your shop or sales can mean any number of things, such as increased competition, changing trends, a shift in purchasing behavior, and more.

If your stats show a significant dip year over year, you may be looking at a short time frame, such as a month, which won’t give you the most accurate idea of how your shop is performing. Longer time frame data, like year over year data, helps you see larger trends in your business.

If you’re seeing a drop in your sales year over year, there are several things to look at to boost your sales:

  • Look at how you might improve your listing quality
  • Follow retail trends to refresh or add to your product line
  • Market your shop on social media

Improve your listing quality

Listing quality is an important factor in getting found in Etsy search. Learn how to optimize your shop for Etsy search.

Your Stats page is a great place to start when figuring out how to improve your listing performance. On your Stats page, you can track which keywords are generating the most traffic to your listings, and be sure to replace keywords that aren’t generating traffic with new ones.

Learn more about tracking your shop stats.

Follow retail trends

Trends change over the years. To ensure that your Etsy Shop is performing the way you want it to, pay attention to the trends on Etsy and elsewhere online. Research shows that the most successful sellers on Etsy are also the most innovative in keeping up with new trends, and crafting a product line that is adaptable to the ever-changing nature of buyer behavior.

Read our Holiday 2019 Trend Guide and the Etsy Blog to learn what our trend experts think is the next big thing.

Learn how to refresh your product line.

Market your shop

Social media is a great way to promote your shop and engage with customers for free.

Learn how to boost your sales with social media marketing.

Learn more about using your stats to pinpoint how to boost sales.

Ask other sellers for a shop critique

Not sure what you need to do to improve your shop? Ask your fellow sellers in the Community Forums for advice. There’s an active shop critique community that can help.

Remember that Etsy relies on you, our Etsy sellers, to succeed. Every change we make on Etsy.com is to help our sellers make more sales. When you succeed, Etsy succeeds.

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