How to Refund a Shipping Label

 To refund a shipping label, you need to request a refund through the shipping label insurance provider. To request a refund for a shipping label:

  1. On, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Orders & Shipping.
  3. If you don't see the order in the first tab, click Completed.
  4. Click Refund under the shipping label number on your order.

You can request a refund for any shipping label that hasn't been used to ship a package and is:

  • USPS: less than 10 days old
  • FedEx: less than 10 days old
  • Global Postal Shipping: 10 days
  • Canada Post: less than 15 days old
  • Royal Mail: less than 14 days old
  • Australia Post: less than 14 days old

How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds are approved by the carrier and generally take 15-30 days to complete.

How will I know my request was approved?

If your refund is approved, you'll receive an email from Etsy, and there will be a credit on your Etsy bill listed as "[Your carrier] Shipping Label Refund." If you purchased parcel insurance on Etsy, you would receive a separate credit on your bill listed as “Shipsurance Parcel Insurance Refund” or “Canada Post Coverage Refund,” depending on your carrier.

The label I refunded is on a USPS SCAN form

If the shipping label for which you’ve requested a refund is contained within a USPS SCAN form, that form is no longer valid. If you have already used a SCAN form containing a label, a refund request for that label will be denied. Learn more about USPS SCAN forms.

Learn how to reprint a shipping label.

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