Selling With Klarna Invoice

Etsy buyers located in Germany can receive their orders before paying for them, using Klarna Invoice.

Sellers enrolled in Etsy Payments automatically accept Klarna Invoice. If a buyer selects to pay with Klarna Invoice at checkout, they agree to pay at a later date.

However, since you’ll receive payment for the order immediately in your Etsy Payment account, you don’t need to wait for the buyer to pay with Klarna. Once the funds appear on your Payment account, you can ship the order. You’ll then receive your payment according to your disbursement schedule.

Buyers Must Pay Through Klarna for Klarna Purchases

Buyers who completed their Etsy purchases with Klarna must pay with the payment instructions that Klarna sends to them. The buyer can pay for their purchase in the Klarna app or on If your buyer does not pay through Klarna, they may incur unnecessary payment reminders and charges and may not be approved for future purchases by Klarna.

Please do not send the buyer your own bank information to collect payment off-Etsy via a direct bank transfer, or invoice them directly through another payment service, such as PayPal. You will receive your payment directly from Etsy into your Payment account, not from your buyer.

If your buyer accidentally sends their payment directly to you, please immediately return the payment and instruct them to pay with Klarna's payment instructions after they receive it.

If your buyer requests to pay you directly, please inform them to wait for the payment instructions from Klarna, as described below:

  • If the order is completed by you within 21 days of the sale date, the Klarna payment instructions are sent to your buyer 5 days after the completion date. This ensures that they have time to receive their purchase before receiving the Klarna payment instructions.
  • If the order is not completed by you within 21 days, the Klarna payment instructions will still be sent 22 days from the purchase date. You’ll need to work with the buyer to keep them updated on when to expect their purchase as they’ll need to notify Klarna if they need an extension to pay with the payment instructions.
  • If the order is for a digital item, the Klarna payment instructions are sent to your shopper immediately after the order is completed.

In the event that a buyer pays you directly, do not refund and cancel the Etsy order as this may be considered a violation of our policies, known as fee avoidance. It's our goal to protect buyers and sellers by having a record of all transactions that happen through Etsy, and we want to be able to offer help to either member in the event that any issues arise with the order.

Also, please do not contact Klarna on behalf of your buyer. For privacy and security reasons, Klarna can only discuss the details of an order with the buyer, not with the seller.

Returning a Klarna order

If you and your buyer have agreed to a full or partial return via Etsy's Messages or Case System, the buyer must contact Klarna Customer Support to pause their date of payment to help prevent additional reminders and fees from Klarna.

Once you have received the return, issue the appropriate refund in Shop Manager. Once you do this, the payment instructions will be updated to reflect the new amount.

Learn more about purchasing with Klarna Invoice.

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