How Is Revenue in My Shop Stats Calculated?

Revenue in your Shop Stats usually equals your sales minus any discounts you provided to buyers. This total doesn’t factor in selling fees, shipping costs or orders that you have fully refunded and canceled.

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Etsy Support agents are unable to provide sellers with financial advice. If you need assistance with understanding your shop totals, especially if it’s tax related, speak with a local professional. 

How to calculate your Stats Revenue

To calculate your Stats Revenue total, you can download your Orders CSV file:

  1. On, go to your Shop Manager.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Choose Options.
  4. Choose Download Data.
  5. Select Orders as the CSV type.
  6. Select your desired month and/or year. To download an entire year, leave the month blank.
  7. Choose Download CSV to save the file to your computer.
  8. Open the Orders CSV file in a compatible program, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Quickbooks, etc.
  9. Using tools in your program, calculate:
    • The total items costs found in Order Value column.
    • The total item discounts applied to the order found in Discounts Amount column.
  1. Calculate the Order Value minus the Discounts Amount total. This is your Stats Revenue.
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