How Is the Deposit Total Sent to My Bank Calculated?

The deposit amount that you receive from your Etsy Payments sales is the money going in minus the money going out of your Payment account.

Deposit total = Money in - Money out

Money going into your Payment account:

  • Etsy Payments sales
  • Payments towards “Amount Due”
  • Credits issued by Etsy

Money going out of your Payment account:

  • Fees: This includes listing fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees, etc.
  • Services: This includes service costs for shipping labels, Etsy Ads, etc.
  • Taxes on Etsy’s fees: Where applicable, this includes taxes like VAT on seller services.

  • Refunds: This includes Etsy Payments order refunds debited from your Payment account (not your card on file).

How to calculate your Deposit total

You can locate all your Payment account activity on your monthly statements and the statement CSV files. To download your monthly statement CSV files:

  1. On, click the Your Account icon, then click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Finances.
  3. Click Payment account.
  4. At the bottom Monthly statements section, select See all monthly statements.
  5. Choose the month you're interested in.
  6. Click Generate CSV. You’ll receive an email when CSV file is ready.
  7. Click Take me to download in the email.
  8. Click CSV to download your CSV file.

You must also need to consider:

  • The payment delay on your Etsy Payments funds: For new sellers, there is a 3-day payment delay.  90 days after the first sale, the payment delay is lowered to 1-day. This payment delay must pass before the funds are available for deposit.
  • Disbursement schedule: This will also determine the time period for reconciling. For example, if you receive deposit amounts weekly (every Monday), you would need to reconcile weekly as well to match the deposit amounts.

Why isn’t my Deposit total the same as my Sales & Credits?

It’s not possible to reconcile your deposit totals by simply subtracting your “Fees & Taxes” total from your “Sales & Credits” amount shown in your Payment account. These totals don’t include certain activities, such as bill payments and refunds debited from Payment account balance.

If you need assistance with understanding your shop totals, we recommend that you speak with a local professional, especially if it’s tax related. Etsy is unable to provide sellers with tax advice.

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