How to Handle Harassment on Etsy

Etsy doesn’t tolerate harassment of any kind. If you’re experiencing harassment on Etsy, let the other member know that you don’t want to hear from them anymore. We recommend that you don’t respond to them if they reply.

If their behavior continues, click Contact support at the bottom of this page and Etsy can help.

How to report a Message as spam

You can report a Message as spam to remove it from your Message inbox. However, you will continue to receive emails about new replies in that Message.

This doesn’t send a report to Etsy. If you’re experiencing harassment, you should Contact support.

To report that a Message is spam:

  1. On, click the Your Account icon.
  2. Click the Messages icon in the menu.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the message that you want to report as spam.
  4. Click More.
  5. Click Report Spam.

Learn more in Etsy’s communication policy and anti-discrimination policy.

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