How to Advertise Your Listings with Etsy Ads

Advertise your listings across Etsy and Google Shopping using Etsy Ads. Set your budget and choose which listings to advertise, and we’ll do the rest. Etsy Ads optimizes your budget to advertise your listings in the places where they perform best.

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How is Etsy Ads different from Promoted Listings and Google Shopping?

Etsy Ads brings Promoted Listings and Google Shopping together into one campaign.

Your daily ads budget

Similar to Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, you can set your daily budget. However, where you used to have separate budgets and campaigns to manage, you now only need to set one budget that will be allocated between advertising your listings on Etsy and Google.

Paying for ads

Paying for ads works the same way: the amount of your budget that you use is deducted from your Payment account the following day. You will still only pay when your ads are working: when shoppers click on your ads.


Since your listings are now being advertised across two platforms, you can no longer customize your bids. After we have enough data on Etsy Ads, we’ll start to optimize your bids to maximize visits from your ads.

Unlike Google Shopping and Promoted Listings, you can’t adjust the bids set for each listing. Instead, you can adjust your daily budget and which listings you advertise.

You're still only charged for clicks on your ads, and the cost for clicks is determined by your bid amount.

How is my daily budget used between Promoted Listings and Google shopping?

We’ll optimize your budget for where your ads perform the best. This will be a mix of Google Shopping and ads in Etsy search (previously Promoted Listings) that help you get the best results. Etsy Ads optimizes your budget to maximize visits to your shop.

What countries are my ads shown in?

Etsy Ads are shown in search on Etsy and on Google to shoppers in the countries where your ads perform best.

On Etsy, your ads will be eligible to appear in search results to buyers whose default shipping location is set to a country that you ship to and to buyers who adjust their “Ships to” search filters to a country they aren’t currently located in. For example, if a buyer located in the UK is looking to have something shipped to a friend or relative located in the US, they may choose to run a search for items that ship to the US. In this case, it’s possible they might see and click one of your ads.

On Google, our smart advertising platform will determine the best region for you, so you can reach shoppers that are interested in products like yours and most likely to make a purchase. Etsy Ads targets the country of best return. As your budget increases, we regularly evaluate whether it makes sense to target multiple markets.

What are the fees for Etsy Ads?

Similar to Promoted Listings and Google Shopping, you’re only charged when shoppers click on your ads, and there are no hidden fees. Your budget goes toward getting your items in front of as many interested shoppers as possible.

One of the benefits of running advertising with the Etsy Ads platform is that you get better rates and more reach. With Etsy’s data insights and expertise, we optimize your advertising and expand the reach of your ads on Etsy and Google.

Can I go back to Promoted Listings and Google Shopping?

No. Etsy Ads combines Promoted Listings and Google Shopping into one powerful platform. Using Etsy Ads, you can advertise your listings on Etsy and Google, just as you could before, with the added benefit of one campaign to manage and optimize placements on and off Etsy.

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You can stop advertising specific listings, or turn off Etsy Ads completely.

To turn off Etsy Ads completely, click More options, then Turn off ads

You'll know your campaign is off when the Advertising page says Get started.

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