How to Review the Performance of Your Etsy Ads

On your Advertising page, you can see the performance of your ad campaign. Next to each listing that you advertise, you can see stats about its performance.

Starting October 2019, we’ll also send you a monthly update about how your ads are performing.

Learn more about each metric:

Ad views

Each time your listing shows as an ad in Etsy search results or on Google, it counts as a view. You aren't charged for views.

How to use this metric

Ad views give you a sense of how many shoppers are seeing your ads. This means that the ads were placed on Etsy or Google and shoppers viewed the ads. If you’re getting ad views, but fewer ad clicks than you anticipated, you may want to update your listings.

If you’re not getting views on your ads, check that your ads are following Google’s ad policies.

Ad clicks

When a shopper clicks on one of your ads to view your listing, it counts as a click.

You'll be charged each time a shopper clicks on one of your ads. This means that the ad displayed in search results brought a shopper to your shop.

How to use this metric

The number of clicks you receive gives you an idea of how active and competitive your ads are in Etsy search and Google Shopping.

Try comparing the number of views to clicks to get a better sense of how well your ads are performing.

What’s the difference between a click and a visit?

With the visits metric in shop stats, if a potential buyer leaves and returns within 30 minutes, it counts as one visit. If a shopper clicks one of your ads, returns to search results, then clicks on another ad within 30 minutes, this counts as two clicks, but one visit.

Orders from ads

When a shopper places an order as a result of a click on one of your ads, it counts as an order from an ad. Orders are attributed to ads when someone clicks on an ad and then buys any item in your shop within 30 days.

How to use this metric

Advertising gets your listings and shop in front of interested shoppers, so they know your products and may purchase from your shop. These orders may or may not include the items you advertise, but are a direct result of your ads. Advertising helps interested shoppers find your shop, and keep your products in mind as shoppers are searching for what they want to purchase.

Revenue from ads

Revenue shows the total sales funds generated from clicks on your ads. Sales funds are attributed to ads when someone clicks on an ad and then buys any item in your shop within 30 days.

How to use this metric

Understanding which ads drive sales can help with your promotion strategy. For example, you can choose to only advertise the listings that perform well in ads.

Learn about how to create listings that encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

Budget Spent

Your total budget spent on a particular day is the total cost of each time that shoppers clicked on an ad to visit your listing.

Each click may not cost the same amount. The quality of the listing (great photos, titles, tags) and the amount of competition affect the cost per click on an ad. If quality of a listing is low, cost per click will be higher. If competition for that ad space is high, cost per click will be higher.

The total budget spent each day will appear on your Payment account the following day.

How to use this metric

Try comparing your costs to your views, clicks, and revenue to see if you're earning more than what you're spending. From there, you can make adjustments to your ad campaign.

Search terms

Search terms provide a breakdown of words or phrases buyers used to find your ads.

To protect buyer privacy, this data may not be available for listings with limited traffic from your ads.

The goal of Etsy Ads is to drive traffic to your shop, and while increased traffic may result in more sales, we can't guarantee this will be the case.

You can use Etsy Ads to advertise your products on Etsy, including in Etsy search results, and on Google.

Set up Etsy Ads

By default, all your current listings are advertised when you start an Etsy Ads campaign. Any new listings you add to your shop after your ad campaign is active are also added to your campaign. You can choose to edit or update which listings you want to advertise.

To stop advertising a listing:

  1. From Advertising, click Change advertised listings.
  2. Check the listings you want to advertise.
  3. Click Save changes.

To change your daily budget:

  1. From Advertising, click Change budget.
  2. Enter your new daily budget.
  3. Click Save changes.

The minimum daily budget is $1.00. The maximum will vary. Learn more.

You’re charged for an ad when it’s clicked. Your costs per click are summed for each day and are typically added to your Payment account the next day.

For example: Fees for ad clicks on September 30 will be posted on October 1.

On your Orders page, you’ll see a small megaphone icon if an order was placed as a result of a click on one of your ads.

The item the buyer ordered may not be the same item or ordered on the same day that they clicked on initially. However, the order is attributed to your Etsy Ads campaign since it was that click that brought your buyer to your shop in the first place.

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