Why Does My International Shipping Label Have a US Address?

If you printed a USPS First Class International via Global Postal Shipping label through Etsy, and it has a US address on it, this is expected. Etsy partners with a provider, Asendia, in the US who receives your package from USPS and then sends it to the buyer through the buyer’s country’s national postal carrier, similar to how USPS sends international packages.

The address on your shipping label is one of Asendia’s processing centers. Once the provider processes the order, they replace the domestic shipping label with an international shipping label with your buyer’s address. This international shipping label contains the customs information you entered on Etsy and will be delivered to the buyer’s address.

Why does Etsy partner with a provider for some international orders?

Etsy partners with Asendia to keep the costs of international shipping low, and to make sure that you can continue to ship your orders internationally to help you have more options. 

How do I tell my labels apart?

If you print several Global Postal Shipping labels at once, you’ll notice that they may all have the same address. You can tell which label is for which order by the buyer’s name, country, and order number, located at the bottom of the label, where the carbon offset banner normally is.

If you use USPS SCAN forms

If you use USPS SCAN forms, these Global Postal Shipping Labels will appear on your domestic SCAN form. This is because USPS still handles the domestic leg of your package’s journey.

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