How to Set Up Your Shop for Holiday Success

How should I prepare my shop for the holiday season?

Managing your buyers’ orders can be time-consuming at any time of year, so creating a strategy can help prepare you for the busy holiday shopping season. 

Read the Seller Handbook for insights, trends, and recommendations.

Visit Etsy Success Events to watch educational videos and attend virtual webinars.  

Get advice and feedback in the Forums.

  • Want to know how other sellers are optimizing their listings? Chat with fellow sellers in the Shop Critiques forum.
  • Looking for ideas on how to incorporate trends into your holiday strategy? Head to the Marketing Your Business and Etsy Success forums to learn about other sellers’ experiences.

How can I ship my orders successfully?

Etsy has several resources available to help you learn how to ship your orders during the holidays: 

Seller Handbook

Help Center Articles

Etsy Community Forums

How do I manage my orders and assist my customers?

The holidays can often see an increase in buyers reaching out with requests and questions about their orders. Listen to our audio article, Help Build Buyer Loyalty This Holiday Season for tips on providing excellent customer service.

The Help Center has answers and recommendations for many scenarios, like:

The Providing Great Customer Service forum is helpful for asking other sellers for advice.

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