What are Global Postal Shipping Label Adjustments?

If you purchase a Global Postal Shipping label through Etsy, the shipping carrier may adjust the price of the label once they receive the package. When the package is processed, our provider, an Asendia affiliated company (“Global Postal Shipping Partner”), will verify that all of the information you entered is accurate. 

These adjustments will appear on your payment account as “Global Postal Shipping Label Adjustment”.

These adjustments can be because after the carrier physically weighed and measured your packages, they found that any of the following are different from what you entered when purchasing the label:

  • The package weight
  • The package dimensions
  • The post office zip code where you dropped off the package
  • The package type

If the price of your shipping label is adjusted, you’ll receive an email letting you know. 

To see why the price was adjusted:

  1. Click See my adjustments in the email.
  2. Click the shipping label ID in your Payment account.

You’ll see the adjustment receipt with details about why the label was adjusted.

If your package is adjusted:

  • It should be delivered to your buyers uninterrupted and not delayed
  • Your buyers shouldn’t receive a “Postage Due” notice for underpaid postage labels

How are price adjustments charged or credited?

Global Postal Shipping label price adjustments are charged for underpayment or credited for overpayment to your Etsy Payment account. You can click the adjustment line item in your Payment account to view the specific adjustment.

Can I dispute a shipping label adjustment?

Yes, you can dispute a shipping label adjustment.

If you believe that the adjustment is incorrect, click Contact support at the bottom of this page and select Selling on Etsy, then Order, shipping, and returns, and then Shipping labels. Etsy Support can dispute the charge with the carrier. However, the carrier ultimately decides whether the charge was correct.

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