Why Isn’t My Payment Account Balance Adding Up?

If the balance of your sales funds in your Payment account isn’t adding up, there are a few possibilities.

The Net amount is less than the sales amount

If the Net amount you’re seeing in your Payment account is less than the sale amount, check your Fee & Tax column. There are several fees and taxes that may apply to the order, including most commonly:

Other fees may apply.

Learn more about how fees apply to Etsy orders.

Payment processing fee

When you process an order with Etsy Payments, a payment processing fee applies to the total price of the order. This payment processing fee is included in the same line as the order in your Payment account, under Fee & Tax. The total net funds you receive from this appears under Net.

US state sales tax

If your buyer is in one of these US states, Etsy may collect sales tax on the order. Sales tax is deducted from the sales amount. If you’re unsure if sales tax was deducted, check if the order was shipped to one of these US states.

Shipping transaction fee

If you charge buyers for shipping, a shipping transaction fee applies to the price the buyer pays for shipping. This fee applies whether you use Etsy shipping labels or not, since this transaction fee is applied to what you charge the buyer for shipping, not to what you pay for shipping.

I’m not seeing an Etsy credit I received

If you received credits from Etsy, they will apply to your next billing cycle. However, they won’t show on your Payment account until the next billing cycle. 

If you receive credits from Etsy, you'll see this reflect in your payment account balance. While the Amount due date won't update until your next billing cycle, you won’t owe the credited balance.

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