What is Order Dissatisfaction Rate?

On Etsy, shops are expected to offer reliable, solution-oriented customer service to Etsy buyers. This level of customer service helps buyers trust shops, and Etsy, with their business. Etsy measures customer service using Order Dissatisfaction Rate (ODR) and manual account reviews conducted by specialists.

This article provides information about Etsy’s ODR system and Service Level Standards, and offers tips to prevent unsatisfied buyers.

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What does Order Dissatisfaction Rate mean?

Etsy considers a shop’s Order Dissatisfaction Rate (ODR) a measurement of the quality of customer service provided to its buyers. ODR is the percentage of a shop’s orders where buyers expressed they had an unsatisfactory experience through either of the following: 

  • leaving a review of two stars or less 
  • filing a case

Cases and low reviews are strong indicators that buyers haven’t received the customer service they expect from a shop. Shops should have less than 1% of their orders result in an unsatisfactory customer experience.

Why are low reviews and cases part of the ODR?

When a customer leaves a low review or files a case, it indicates they aren’t satisfied with either the product or experience they received from a shop. Common reasons for unsatisfied customers are:

  • the order was not shipped on time
  • the item(s) delivered differed from what the buyer expected based on the listing description or images
  • the shop insufficiently handled issues shared via Etsy Messages

Because cases and low reviews often indicate that buyers didn’t receive the customer service Etsy expected, they’re included in a shop's ODR regardless of the resolution.

Why does a removed review or case closed in my favor count toward my ODR?

Cases and low reviews are usually submitted because one or more of the following occurred:

  • the order was not shipped within the processing time set by a shop
  • the buyer contacted the shop, but didn’t receive a sufficient response (or a response at all)
  • the buyer contacted the shop about an issue and the shop promised a resolution, but didn’t follow through

Because cases and low reviews are often the result of a customer service mishap, they’re how we measure the rate at which buyers express unhappiness during a transaction. Although ODR can’t be manually adjusted, specialists on the Trust & Safety team will consider the circumstances of each buyer complaint when manually reviewing an account. 

In order to have a customer service performance metric that would be fair and easy to understand, Etsy does not currently have a threshold for case resolutions themselves. Etsy believes a case or low review is reliable data that tells us when a buyer's expectations haven’t been met by a shop. 

When is a Customer Service Warning email sent to a shop?

If a shop receives a Customer Service Warning, this means its ODR is above the acceptable threshold. Shops with a high ODR will need to show sustainable customer service improvement, and maintain an ODR below 1%, in order to continue selling on Etsy.  

We understand low reviews and cases may occur on occasion; buyer feedback is a natural part of business. The goal of ODR is to help prevent patterns of unsatisfied buyers from continuing in a shop. 

For shops otherwise compliant with Etsy’s policies and expectations, warnings will only be sent if a shop meets all of the following criteria:

  • The shop’s ODR is 1% or higher
  • The shop has three or more orders with a case or low review since its first sale
  • The shop has two or more orders placed within a 60 day evaluation period that resulted in a case or low review.

Learn what to do if you received a Customer Service Warning.


Why did Etsy implement customer service expectations?

As part of our Seller Policy, our Service Level Standards are a set of customer service expectations we have for members who sell on Etsy. We implemented ODR in an effort to offer sellers more insight into how we measure customer service.

We also created the Customer Service Performance dashboard, which includes a shop’s ODR, to give sellers the ability to see how they’re doing on a daily basis and identify potential concerns among their buyers. Only sellers who meet the criteria outlined in this article will receive the Customer Service Performance dashboard. If you did not receive a link to this dashboard, your shop is currently in good standing.

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