I'm Having a Technical Problem with Buying on Etsy

If you’re having a technical problem when buying on Etsy, check these common issues:

Something is wrong with my order

If you’re experiencing an issue with your order, you must work with the seller to try to resolve the problem.

If you already contacted the seller, and they’re unable to help, you may be able to file a case. A case is a formal way to report and mediate a problem with an order on Etsy. You can file a case if your order wasn’t delivered, or if the item(s) you received wasn’t as it was described on Etsy.

My location is wrong when estimating

If your location is wrong when estimating your shipping costs on a listing page, you can update your location for shipping estimates on the listing page. Click the dropdown with the current address and change the country and zip or postal code. This will update the shipping cost estimate.

Is Etsy down?

When Etsy experiences a major service interruption, we update our status page. Check the status page for updates on any ongoing site-wide issues.

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