Why Am I Seeing Ads on Etsy?

Etsy sellers can advertise their products across Etsy, such as in search results and on category or market pages. All ads on Etsy are paid for by the seller selling the product in the Ad.

How do Etsy Ads affect Etsy search?

Etsy Ads in Etsy search only appear in designated ads space. Ads use a different algorithm than results in regular Etsy search or in external search engines.

How are ads chosen to be shown?

Etsy Ad’s algorithm looks at how closely an advertised listing’s title or tags match your search query or the current listing you’re viewing on Etsy, as well as other important inputs that indicate that you may be interested in the product:

  • Your info
    • Your general location
  • Your activity on Etsy:
    • Your current search query or listing viewed
    • Your filters
  • Other info:
    • Time of day
    • Platformed used
    • The listing relevance to the current query or listing viewed 
    • The amount the seller is willing to pay for the ad

In search results, the algorithm also takes into account any filters you've applied, so if the listing doesn't ship to your selected location or fall in your selected price range, we won't show it.

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