Etsy's Shop Optimization Outreach Program

As a global e-commerce marketplace, the success of our Etsy seller community is our priority. Etsy is reaching out to select sellers to provide shop advice.

For new sellers, we help with shop setup and tips on how to be successful.

For experienced sellers, we give more in-depth advice on using Etsy’s tools to grow your business further.

How it works

Local Etsy shop experts proactively reach out to sellers we’ve identified as having significant growth potential on the platform.

All shop optimization programs offered by Etsy are completely free and do not require the participants to purchase any additional products or services.

 If you receive an email from an address or an Etsy message from an official Etsy team, and a follow-up phone call (to the phone number you listed on your Etsy profile), it means you’ve been selected to participate in this program. We’ve helped thousands of sellers grow their shops and are hoping you’ll schedule a call with one of our experts and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

We’ll provide a series of personalized 1-1 consultations via email and phone in your language. We’ll cover how to set up your shop, how to use Etsy’s tools to improve your placement in search, how to attract buyers to purchase your items, and how to give buyers a great experience overall.

The offer includes:

  • A 30 minute call with an Etsy shop optimization expert about optimizing your shop
  • Personalized advice about your shop in an email following the call
  • Special incentives and promotional credits. For example, free listings or Etsy Ads credits*

*subject to availability, terms and conditions apply

How can I get a consultation if I wasn’t contacted?

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer these programs to select sellers in certain countries at this time, we hope to reach more sellers in the future. Let us know you're interested.

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