What is Etsy U?

Etsy U is a community education program where you can take classes and workshops from experienced sellers in the Etsy community. You can connect with experts to learn how to get your shop started, how to take your business to the next level, the ins and outs of marketing, and more! 

Go to https://etsyu.etsy.com/ and select the Subscribe button to receive information about upcoming workshops right in your inbox. 

All Etsy U classes are virtual this year, which means you have more access to workshops around the globe. 

What can I expect to learn at Etsy U? 

Etsy U classes and workshops cover topics relevant to all levels of sellers. Common subjects include: 

  • Opening your first shop
  • Preparing your shop for holidays
  • Improving your shop’s customer service
  • Using social media, Etsy ads, and Offsite ads to increase your shop’s visibility
  • Optimizing your shop for Etsy search and search engines. 

How do I find a class that’s right for me? 

To find a class or workshop, go to the Etsy U page where you can browse Featured Events. 

Under Upcoming events, you can search and filter for language, location, and workshop type. 

When you find a class you’re interested in, select View Event  to see event details and learn about the instructor. Select Register when you’re ready to enroll. If the event is full, you can join a waiting list in case of a cancellation. 

How can I become an Etsy U instructor? 

We’re glad you asked! We periodically open applications for Etsy U Instructors on Community News, so keep an eye on that page. 

As an instructor, you’ll receive online training on a variety of topics related to optimizing your shop and growing a business on Etsy. You’ll also receive support from the Etsy U team while you choose your class topic and set up your workshops. Learn more about being an Etsy U instructor. 

If you’re looking to hone your mentoring skills in the meantime, try offering some advice in the forums, or better yet, start a team


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