How to Use the Etsy Seller App

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The Etsy Seller app is designed to be a modernized seller-only mobile experience for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. This new app was made to improve the mobile seller experience and continue to roll out highly requested features faster and more efficiently than was possible with the previous version of the app.

Download the Etsy Seller app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you already have the app, be sure it’s up-to-date to get all the newest features and bug fixes.

You can access your existing shop through the Etsy Seller app. If you need to create a new shop, sign into on a desktop or mobile browser.

The Etsy Seller app was built with feedback from the seller community in mind, so we will continue to make additions and improvements to it in our efforts to create the best app experience for you. 

If there are any features you would like to see in future updates, please let us know through our feedback survey.

The app is divided into the following sections:

The Home section is where you’ll find your shop dashboard. Here you’ll find a quick view of your shop stats, updates about your sales, and helpful information from Etsy. 

You can also access your account settings through the gear icon.  

The Home section contains: 

  • Your shop stats: Check your views, visits, orders, and revenue at a glance. More detailed shop stats are available in the More tab. 

  • Shop advisor: View reminders in your shop that might need attention, such as a listing that's about to expire, an overdue bill, or a new case.

  • Star Seller: Check your progress towards qualifying for Star Seller Status

  • Your shop’s checklist: The shop checklist provides helpful information on shop management, including reminders for setting up free shipping, links to Help Center articles, and any required updates to keep your shop running smoothly.

  • Updates from your shop: See your newest orders, messages, reviews, and updates about your customers.

You can read and reply to messages from other Etsy members in the Messages section. Messages from buyers who have purchased from your shop before are marked with a repeat buyer badge. 

In Messages, you can: 

  • Access orders: When a buyer places an order, a shortcut to the order details appears at the top of your message thread with that buyer. You can also cancel the order directly from the message. 
  • Upload images: Send photos in a message thread by selecting the camera icon.
  • Send listings or create a private listing for a custom order: To send a buyer links to your active listings in a message thread, select the Send listings button. You can select multiple active listings from an alphabetical list before you hit Send. To create a private listing for a buyer’s custom order request, you can select Create private listing from the Send listings button.
  • Send saved replies: When responding to messages, sellers who have set up saved replies for their Etsy shop can send them using the Saved replies button. 

This section shows your open orders, displayed by “ship by” date. You can also sort and filter them from newest to oldest, by their completion status, or by any custom order steps you’ve created in Shop Manager. 

A badge with the number of open orders will appear next to Orders on the navigation bar. You will also see a badge indicating if an order is from a repeat customer. 

Only full refunds can be processed within the Etsy Seller app for Etsy Payments transactions. To issue a partial refund, use your Shop Manager on

From the Orders section you can: 

  • Search and filter orders: Filter orders between open and completed, and sort by newest to oldest, ship by date, or destination.
  • Complete orders: Mark orders as shipped and add tracking information to orders.

  • Purchase and print shipping labels for US domestic orders only.

  • Cancel orders and issue refunds: To cancel an order and refund the buyer, select the Cancel Order button on the order details page. This option is only for giving full refunds to the buyer. 

  • Access order messages: Directly open an existing message thread with a buyer when viewing an order on the Orders page.

In the Listings section, you can add and manage your existing listings, renew listings that are expiring soon, and add or edit listing photos and videos. If your listings have variations, you can add or edit them from here as well. 

Listings created in the Etsy Seller app will automatically save as a draft as long as you’ve entered the required details in the Basic information section (step 3 out of 7). If you close at any time past this point, you can always find the draft in your listing manager.

To add a listing from the Etsy Seller app: 

  1. Go to Listings 
  2. Choose Start from scratch
  3. Select a category that best describes your listing. If you don’t see a good match, choose Select a different category to see more options. 
  4. Upload Photos and Video that show off your item. You can upload up to 10 photos, and videos must be 5-15 seconds in length. You’ll be able to edit your uploads later in the listing process. You must have at least one photo to complete your listing. 
  5. Enter the basic information for your listing. This includes details like title, price, and quantity. 
  6. Enter any SKU and/or Personalization details if your listing has any. 

Once this has been added and you choose Next, you’ll see a notification that your listing is automatically saved as a draft. The draft will also autosave after you edit a field anywhere in the  listing process beyond this point. 

Beyond this point, information may be automatically filled based on your past history listing similar items in your shop, such as: 

  • If the listing is for a Physical item or a Digital item
  • Core details about the item, like who made it and when. 
  • Shipping details. 
  • Listing renewal options
  • Your return and exchange policies. 

Please review the prefilled information and make sure it’s all correct before continuing. 

  1. Enter tags and attributes for your item so your listing is better displayed to buyers in Etsy search results. Check for any fields that are mandatory, such as the materials used. 
  2. Add in any final touches for the listing, such as a description of the item, and information on variations you have available, if any.

    If your listings have different prices and quantities for different variations, you can set that up here. You must set a price and quality for each variation to continue.

  3. If you’d like, edit any photos and videos you uploaded earlier. 
  4. If your listing is a digital item, select Add file to upload the file the buyer will download upon purchase. Learn more about managing digital listings. 
  5. Select Publish

From Listings you can also: 

  • Search listings: Search through your current listings by title or SKU. You can also see low quantity and sold out alerts on your listings.

  • Filter and organize listings: Sort by listing status, recent activity, top selling, and more.

  • Manage shop sections: Edit or add listings shown in existing shop sections.

  • View listing performance: See your listing performance and add listings to your ad campaign.  You can also read the latest reviews left on your listings. 

  • Feature your listings: To feature a listing at the top of your shop's homepage, go into a listing and toggle the Feature this listing button on. 

  • Edit your renewal settings: You can adjust the renewal settings for any listing in your shop from the app. 

  • Share listings on social media: In your listing, choose the three dots on the top right corner, and select Share. You can share your listings directly to your Pinterest, Instagram messages, and Facebook. 

  • Publish draft listings: Physical draft listings can be uploaded from the Etsy Seller app. Digital draft listings can only be uploaded from a web browser. 

Selecting the More tab brings up a scrollable menu where you can access your reviews and shop stats, manage your shop marketing and finances, adjust the app’s settings, and more. You can also switch to a different account or log out from this tab.

In the More tab, you'll find: 


  • Reviews: View the overall review rating for your shop as well as how buyers rate your shop in terms of item quality, customer service, and shipping. From here you can reply publicly to buyer reviews or message them privately. 
  • Stats: See a breakdown of your total visits and how buyers found your shop, such as through social media, Etsy Ads, and more. You can also get insight into which of your items buyers are favoriting, and view how your listings are performing. 

    The app currently uses the timezone you have set for your shop when calculating your stats. Keep this in mind if you are traveling or are otherwise in a different timezone.

  • View shop on Etsy: See a web view of your shop.
  • Star Seller: Track your progress towards becoming a Star Seller

Shop Settings

  • Vacation Mode: Let your buyers know you’re temporarily away from your shop by setting your shop to Vacation Mode

  • Shipping: Manage your shipping settings like your shipping profiles, custom shipping settings, and your order processing schedule. You can also set up a free shipping guarantee and adjust your item prices using Etsy's smart pricing tool.
  • Shop Announcement: Share news and updates with buyers by setting an announcement that will appear at the top of your shop. 


  • Etsy Ads: Start promoting your listings and see how your Etsy Ads campaigns have impacted your shop’s performance.

  • Sales and Discounts: Create and manage new sales, coupons, and automatic offers to send to buyers. In Overall performance, you can see how discounts have impacted your orders over a period of time. 

  • Share & Save: Save on Etsy fees when you drive sales to your shop with the Share & Save program. You can join the program and share your listings in this section, as well as view tips on how to better drive traffic to your shop through social media. 


  • Payment account: See how much has been spent on fees, review your monthly fee statements, check how much is available for deposit, and look at your recent Etsy Payments order activity.
  • Payment settings: Adjust your deposit schedule, change payment methods, and update or add a billing credit card here. If you're a US-based seller, you can also view your sales tax settings from this section.

Account & app Settings

  • Notifications: Edit your preferences for push notifications from the Etsy Seller app.
  • Theme & appearance: Set the app’s appearance to either Light or Dark mode, or set it to match your device’s appearance. 

  • 2 Factor authentication: Protect your account with an added layer of security by turning on two factor authentication (2FA). 

Community & Support

You can access the Etsy Help Center, Seller handbook, and Etsy Policies from here. You can also access the Etsy Community forums, give app feedback, and view upcoming Seller events


What are the requirements for using the Etsy Seller app? 

The Etsy Seller app is designed for devices running Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above, and iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.x or above

To make sure the Etsy Seller app functions as intended, sellers should not download any other version of the Etsy Seller app outside of Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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