What is Etsy's Purchase Protection for Sellers?

With Etsy Purchase Protection for qualifying orders up to $250, Etsy may refund buyers and you’ll keep your earnings if:

  • A buyer never received their package (for example, if it was lost in transit)
  • Their item arrived after its estimated delivery date window
  • Their item arrived damaged (for the first instance per calendar year*)
  • Their item matches the listing description and photos, but a buyer claims it does not

To make sure your orders are eligible for Etsy Purchase Protection, you’ll need to follow the eligibility criteria outlined in our Etsy Purchase Protection for Sellers and remain in good standing with Etsy

What isn’t eligible for Etsy’s Purchase Protection program? 

The following situations will make an order ineligible for Purchase Protection:  

  • The order does not meet one or more of the eligibility requirements for Etsy Purchase Protection.
  • The order total is over $250 USD (or the equivalent of your local currency), including shipping and taxes. 
  • The item doesn’t match the listing description. We strongly recommend using accurate photos and descriptions when listing an item.
  • You obtain insurance from a third-party source, or have carrier and/or payment processor coverage. We ask that you first submit a claim to your primary source of coverage instead. 
  • You’re from a region where Etsy Payments is not currently available.
  • Your shop is not in good standing for violating Etsy policies.

Sellers are responsible for refunding costs for orders that fall outside of these eligibility requirements.

See our article of best shipping practices to ensure you’re following the proper steps for your order to arrive undamaged. 

How do I qualify for Etsy Purchase Protection? 

Etsy Purchase Protection will automatically cover qualifying orders with no setup required from the seller.  

The Etsy Purchase Protection process only begins after:

  1. A buyer reaches out to you about an order through a Help request
  2. The buyer opens a case about the order

Once a buyer has taken both of these actions, Etsy will review the order and make a resolution. If the order is eligible for Purchase Protection, Etsy will refund the buyer, and you’ll keep your earnings from the sale.

Our guide to case resolution gives an in-depth breakdown on how the case system works, and the steps that should be taken to manage buyer issues. 

Orders are eligible for Etsy’s Purchase Protection program if: 

If an order meets these requirements and has a cost up to $250 USD (including shipping and taxes), the cost of the refund will be covered by Etsy instead of the seller. Sellers are responsible for refunding costs for orders that fall outside of these requirements.

Etsy does not cover orders over $250. We recommend to purchasing shipping insurance when fulfilling those orders.

In some situations, a specialist may need to reach out for more information about the order. It’s important that you respond to requests for information in the case log within the time frame given to show both the buyer and Etsy that you are working towards a solution.

As we continue to invest in our sellers’ success, your feedback is crucial for helping us improve the seller experience. Our survey is the most effective way to provide your feedback on Etsy’s Purchase Protection program and let us know what you would like to see from it in the future.

If you still have questions about a closed case for an item that arrived damaged or different than described, you can reach out to us to dispute the outcome.

How it works

  1. Share what happened on the next page. The more specific you are, the better we’ll be able to help.
  2. A trained specialist will review your case and outcome to make sure everything aligns with Etsy’s policies and Etsy’s Purchase Protection program. 
  3. You’ll get a final decision via email within 1-3 business days.

Generally speaking, if your case was about an item that the buyer never received or arrived after its estimated delivery window, we can’t review your outcome further since we already have all the info we need. For more help with these cases, check what’s eligible for the Etsy’s Purchase Protection program or read our tips on shipping orders.

If your case is still open, you’ll need to go to your Shop Manager to communicate directly with the buyer in your case log.

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