How do I Set Return Policies on My Listings

Beginning September 22nd, you can now apply different return policies to each of your physical listings. This lets you clearly indicate to buyers which items from your shop, if any, can be returned, and gives you more flexibility over your business. 

If you have an existing shop-level return policy, we took the current policy you had set for your shop and applied it to your individual listings. Please go to your Policy settings to review and either accept or edit them so you can update to the new listing-specific policies by October 31st.

After October 31st, we will publish your draft policies if you have not done so already, and buyers will only see listing-specific return and exchange policies. You can continue to edit your policies as often as you like after this period.

For more information about converting your existing shop policy into listing specific policies, check out our site update

Setting return policies on your listings clearly displays important information to your buyers, including:

  • Which items from your shop can be returned or exchanged, if any
  • The time frame that you accept returns and exchanges

You can set different return and exchange policies for each physical listing you sell in your Etsy shop, or set one specific policy across all your physical listings. Buyers will see your return policies when viewing your listings.

If you want to set store-wide policies for things like your cancellation and privacy policies, you can do this through your shop policies

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How do I set return and exchange policies on my listings? 

When creating or managing your listings, you have the option to create a new return policy, or to choose from one of your existing policies if you have any. We also have a simple policy template that you can choose instead of creating your own. You can also create and/or apply policies to multiple listings at once in Listings Manager.

To create a return and exchange policy through Policy settings:

  1. Go to your Shop Manager
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Policy settings.
  4. Navigate to Returns and exchanges.
  5. Select the Create Policy button.
  6. Choose whether you accept returns and/or exchanges for that item by selecting the checkmark next to each option. 
  7. Select the time frame that you’ll accept returns and exchanges for that item from the dropdown menu.
  8. Select Save and apply
  9. Select Publish

If you’ve created at least one policy in the past, a suggestion to use the policy you’ve set the most on your active listings will be shown. Select Apply, or select Choose another policy to either pick from your other existing policies or create a new one.

Once a policy has been created, it can only be deleted if it is not associated with any of your active listings. 

How do I change a listing’s return policy?

To change the policy you currently have applied to a listing:

  1. Go to your Shop Manager
  2. Select Listings
  3. Select the listing whose policy you want to change.
  4. Navigate to Returns and exchanges
  5. Select the Change Policy button.
  6. Select from one of your other existing policies. The listing’s current policy is displayed as Applied
  7. If you want to create a new policy instead, choose the Create Policy button. 

You can also apply a return policy to multiple listings at once through your Listings Manager:

  1. Go to your Shop Manager.
  2. Select Listings.
  3. Select the listing(s) whose policy you want to change.
  4. Select Editing options.
  5. Select Change return & exchange policies.
  6. Apply an existing policy, or select Create policy to create a new policy. 

How do I use a simple return policy? 

If you choose to use the simple return policy template, the following settings are applied to your listing:

  • Buyers can return or exchange the item.
  • Buyers must return it within 30 days of delivery.
  • Buyers are responsible for any return shipping costs.* 
  • Buyers are responsible for any loss in value (as agreed upon with you) if an item isn’t returned in its original condition.* 

Choose this option by selecting Apply simple policy in the listing editor. When you are satisfied with your listing, select Publish.  

* These settings are standard on all returns and not specific to the simple return policy. 

Do I need to accept returns or exchanges? 

Whether you choose to accept returns or exchanges on your listings is completely optional and based on your individual business needs. 

However, consumer protection laws in the EU require some sellers to offer a minimum 14-day return policy on orders that ship to those countries. For additional information on this, review this help article on EU law regarding returns and exchanges

Can digital downloads be returned? 

It’s not possible to set return or exchange policies on your digital listings. If a buyer contacts you about an issue with a digital item they’ve purchased, you can still choose to resolve the issue as you see fit.  

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